Should Pregnant Teenagers Remain In School?

This is it for me: We must stop relaxing or abandoning our moral standards and ethical principles in order to please different sets of people who continue to be, and hell-bent in having their own way while expecting the others to extend and treat them the same way as if they had not committed an offence to the system!

With that said,  high school is designed to educate, nurture, guide CHILDREN into becoming adults. It was not–and should not be–designed to accommodate and encourage adult activities and lifestyles such as walking around on the school compound in front of children with big pregnant bellies!

That is not sending a good signal to children within the school who have decided to be and act like children until they graduate from the high school system!

Yes, I know that every pregnant school girl will have a school boy who got her pregnant, providing that she wasn’t having sex with an adult. However, the one who has the big belly walking around the school will be the one that the other children will definitely know was acting like an adult by having sex prior to graduating.

On the other hand, the one who got that schoolgirl  pregnant will not have anything obvious carrying around the school for other children to know that he was not acting as a child. Hence, the school boy has no significant contribution in the tarnishing of the school’s moral standard and ethical principles as would the school girl, unless the school decides to announce what the boy did to the entire school population.


I always say that the one who is biologically going to be seen carrying a child for nine months must be the one who pays far more attention to how and who that individual has sex with, in order to prevent the negative consequences that will naturally follow if that individual becomes pregnant. In this case, the females are those such persons.

I am not saying that she should not continue her education after she gives birth to her child, but what I am saying is that she should do so in another school after she has given birth to her child, since the other school doesn’t have to know if she was defiant in being a child by allowing someone to discharge inside her.

That is my take on it, and nothing is going to make me say otherwise. Ok?

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