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Can Chat-Up Lines Help Propel Me Towards Long-Term Romance?

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What are the best chatup lines to use? Should I look outside of Jamaica for a future wife post-COVID? If so, how do I go about it? 

Daniel, Portland

Love Doctor’s Answer:

There are literally hundreds of chat-up lines that you can employ, from cheesy to humorous, but whether they will actually work depends on variants such as the circumstances that you meet a lady.


Love Doctor MontiIt takes a quick-thinking, cheeky or foolish man to rely on their charm of a chat-up line to lure a lady into conversation.

My advice is to focus on smartening yourself up for initially meeting ladies. You need to look and feel attractive before you embark on using chat-up lines. It will help immensely if you also smell good and only approach age appropriate ladies.

Before you use any of these, do practice your best smile in the mirror so that you come across as a turn on rather than a turn off.

Here’s some suitable chat-up lines

– Are you religious? It’s just that you seem to be the answer to all of my prayers;

– Do you believe in love at first sight? Or shall I walk past again?;

Here I am, so what are your other two wishes?;


– I am going to have to ask you to leave because you are making the other girls here look really bad;

– If I ask you on a date, will your answer be exactly the same as your answer to this question?;

– I would say God Bless you, but it appears that he already did;

You caught my eye but your good looks have made me forget my best chatup line. 

If you can master these to the appropriate environment, then such a leap of faith should pay dividends for you to spark a conversation. But after you have relayed your killer chat-up line then you need to follow it up.

So my suggestion is for you to ensure that you have some conversation starters that will follow up a chat-up line. Make sure you know the latest news, locally and globally, and brush up your knowledge on what is going on that you enjoy so that you have words to educate and entertain her with.

If you are meeting a lady at a music event then ensure you have done your research about the artist/artiste. If you both share a common interest then this will keep the two of you in natural communication.

Yet you are really seeking a date with this woman. To garner that you need to be able to offer her something more than most other men. Do not be the same as others and being lame by suggesting that you meet for a drink, as she is bound to have heard that dozens of times. 

You need to excite her and entice her into seeing you again, so stand out. For example, you could comment that you really love this music genre and are thinking of going to a concert next Saturday, but are torn because you really want to see a movie showing on the same day.


This gives you leverage to indicate that you value her by asking for her opinion. By then listening to her, a trait that women find extremely attractive in a man, you are showing her respect. So listen with intent, nod enthusiastically, smile and look her in the eye.

You will soon be able to tell from her body language, words and tone of voice whether she likes you. If you are getting positive vibes then be the man by going for the kill and ask her out on a date: “Would you like to come with me to see that movie next week or would you prefer to join me for that concert?”

By offering a choice of two options you are avoiding a lazy yes or no response. Hopefully, if you have read her body language correctly, you will be able to secure a date. 

Remember that when you are successful in organising a date you should never come across too in your face. You need to be a gentleman and polite.

The next step is to suggest giving her your number. Do not pressurise her by asking for her number, let her volunteer that. This will definitely make you stand out from other men that she has met, who tend to appear to be overeager and quite frankly desperate. Play it cool is my advice.

You can follow this same pattern if you meet a lady that you like at a sports event.

Alternatively, if a lady catches your eye in a bar then you can resort to throwing a chat-up line her way. 

One that always gets a smile, as long as you explain after you said it that you were only kidding and backtrack, is: “Are there any more like you at home?”

She is 99% likely to retort: “No!”

To which your response is: “Great, then we can have some privacy!”


Before she storms off then quickly explain that you had been waiting years to find the right lady to try this line on and ask her about the worse chat-up lines she has ever heard. Women love talking about themselves, so this is a great ice breaker to encourage her to have a conversation with you.

During your communication with this lady you need to give her your undivided attention, so do not let your eyes wander otherwise she will be off almost as quickly as Usain Bolt was at an Olympic race.

If you are at a cocktail bar then it is simple enough to discuss her favourite tipples and other cocktail bars. This leads up to you going for the kill of landing a proper date with her.

An ideal line, again with two options, would be: “Fancy meeting up next Friday night to try some of these other cocktails or would you prefer to try somewhere new next Saturday for a classy cocktail?”

One tip, wherever you choose to frequent to meet the opposite sex, is to carry two essentials – namely a good quality lighter and a decent quality pen.

How often do you see a damsel in distress because she needs a pen and/or a lighter? If you can unexpectedly rush to her rescue then you will catch her eye and make an impression as a chivalrous gentleman.

Try to subtly scan wherever you go to meet ladies for at least one of them to be a smoker, but always ensure that they are not all sporting either engagement rings and/or wedding rings because you do not wish to waste your time. If some are single within the group then gradually get nearer without being obvious and politely pounce with your fancy lighter as a gentleman when the opportunity arises.

As for meeting other singletons away from Jamaica as a potential wife you need to ask yourself what is driving you towards someone away from the island?

If it is an escape route from Jamaica then you are maybe appearing to reek of desperation to these women you have met in the past.

I suggest that you play your cards closer to your chest and remain more mysterious to any potential suitors. If you head to the public beaches in MoBay and Ochi then you can strike up a conversation with both sun-kissed tourists and locals.


My advice is, that as a typical friendly Jamaican seeking a romantic encounter, you should offer to be a personal tour guide to any single tourists that you like the look of and could envisage being in a meaningful relationship with.

Having virtually infinite features to explore across the island, you have the knowledge and freedom to go where and when you so desire and can show off some lesser-known destinations to try and make a good impression.

However, in a country as compact as Jamaica it is going to be difficult for you to avoid running into the same gorgeous local ladies time after time. But maybe you should be seeking to find romance with a familiar face and get to know them properly if you are really ready to settle down.

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