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What Types Of Ladies Should I Avoid As I’m Rethinking My Future Love Life? – Help Me Love Doctor

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Love Doctor MontiQuestion:

I regularly wake up in the night in a sweat worrying about the type of woman to avoid because I constantly end up with the wrong lady, which is a pattern that troubles me at my age of almost 50.

Like most men in Jamaica I have always followed my carnal desires, but I recently stopped taking supermarket aphrodisiacs that make me think I am superman when I meet a hot-looking lady.


I used to find myself chatting to good-looking women everywhere, especially at the beach, in the dancehalls and in the supermarkets. But over the past year, because of the coronavirus crisis, I have felt limited to meeting ladies so I tried digital dating to no avail.

I’ve thrown in the towel with online dating. The ladies I encountered just wanted to flirt with as many men as possible to receive gifts and get all expenses paid dates out of us gullible singletons. 

Please tell me what are the types of women to avoid, because I’m rethinking my future romances so I need to fully focus.

Lloyd – Black River


Love Doctor’s Answer

You sound as though you haven’t learned your lessons from past experiences, but at least by avoiding those supermarket love potions you’re on the right road to finding the sort of lady that is suitable for you.

The reason for your waking up in a sweat in the middle of the night could be down to simply worry, and as you are about to hit a milestone birthday then it is viable that you are experiencing a mid-life crisis.

At least you are going in the right direction by asking which sort of ladies to avoid rather than buying clothes designed for younger gentlemen or by splashing the cash on a sports car with the aim of reliving your youth.


There are dozens of types of ladies to avoid, such as those with past issues like alcohol, anger, finances, gambling etc.

Here’s the six categories I suggest that you watch out for…

The money hound/gold digger | Easy to spot in a crowd as they tend to bling it up and undergo cosmetic procedures as the exterior is all that counts. They possess superficial desires, where their priority is to be lavished with expensive gifts and wine ‘n’ dined in luxury. Short-term fun can be experienced, as long as your wallet is full and you are prepared to fall off cloud nine with a bang.

The self-centred lady | With chips on their shoulder and always unappreciative, these ladies are damaged goods so will rarely hand you a compliment however much you do for them. You will always upset them and never live up to their expectations, as they will often act as though they don’t give two hoots about you. As they lack any real self-esteem, they tend to like to shoot you down at any opportunity and show a jealous streak if you achieve something.

The rebound hunter | Fresh from a serious relationship, these will be so loving and caring to you at the beginning that you are likely to be easily bowled over. However, behind that facade of her super eagerness to make you two work lies the hurtful truth that you are being played like a game of dominoes. She is desperate to get her previous partner back, and you are only being used to make him jealous as well as make her feel better about herself on a short-term basis.

The cheater | Although she is honest enough to admit that she cheated in the past, whatever her reasons were there remains a strong possibility that history could repeat itself – and you really don’t wish to hear her latest excuses for breaking your heart. A tell-tale sign of someone who is cheating is the reverse psychology of making accusations that you are cheating.

The mismatch | You are attracted to her through her physical beauty alone, not because of her character and values. This is when logical thoughts are out of the window and as a man you only have a one-track mind. Short-term gratification will end in jealousy, with other men eyeing her up, and eventually leaving you in tears despite the fact that deep down you had nothing in common.

Now you know what you don’t want from a new woman, and by no means is that an exhaustive list of who to avoid, you should start thinking about the sort of lady in your life that you do want.

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3 years ago

Can make a suggestion. The way to find genuine ladies is (now the ban is slowly lifting)
Be yourself. If there is woman who you regularly chat too, how bout asking if they will join you for coffee
This is maybe a all step but generally you maybe surprised at what materializes by a coffee.
This is pre dating. And totally different to what you have been doing. Good luck x