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I got a saucy yet subtle image on my cell phone from a girl I’ve been chatting with, who added the words ‘Please don’t send a d*** pic back!’ 

What’s the protocol and what’s my next step? I need to know because I want to make her my Valentine.


Byron – Kingston

Love Doctor’s Answer

Sending any intimate images is always at your peril, so be extremely cautious and don’t send anything that you could be potentially ashamed of.

However, as she has attempted to get the ball rolling then the only protocol is to double check that she hasn’t made a mistake before you contemplate joining in with the timeless art of seduction, should you deem it appropriate and you are genuinely interested in her romantically.

Don’t forget that any images you send could easily be made public at a later stage, so my advice is do as she states and don’t send a d*** pic.

Any images exchanged need to be harmless fun, not showing a seedy side, and although showing a lot of flesh is going to be a natural turn on be aware of what you decide to send.

Because she has started this off and sent you a saucy image to try and entice your romantic interest, I suggest that you send a suitable photo back.

As long as the images don’t get too racy, nor make either of you feel  uncomfortable, then join in the frivolity and over time it could evolve into dating in person once it is easier and safer to meet up across the island.


With Valentine’s Day so close, this is the perfect opportunity for you to ensure that you send romantic images with humour – such as being dressed as Cupid in your underwear.

You still have a little time to gauge her interest with photos being exchanged, and to whet her appetite for the romantic, sexy version of you, consider sending a close up image of your lips all puckered up and ready for kisses.

By thinking outside the box, and not being crude nor direct, will position you as someone different from the men who do indeed send out a d*** pic.

Show her you are not only different but better than the sort of man she has previously encountered.

If men are presented with a photo of a lady either naked or in a bikini, the good men will ultimately pick the bikini image. This is because the art of seduction includes the element of expectation and surprise, much like unwrapping a Christmas present helps the person generally like the gift more than they would normally.

Discovering each other over a handful of photos will in effect be your foreplay prior to meeting up. If you send too many images, there is a strong chance that too much too soon will result in disappointment in person.

My advice is to keep the mystery going of what to expect, and if she appears to be a little bit over the top with her saucy images – or too demanding of what you send – then don’t be scared to tell her. 

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