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What are the main red flags to look out for in a new relationship? I am wanting to rejoin the dating scene in Kingston to find a new man, but I don’t wish to compromise my standards.


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Love Doctor’s Answer:

Well the red flags are almost bottomless in terms of relationships in these uncertain times, and getting yourself back onto the social singles scene in Kingston is not easy with the coronavirus crisis.

Dating apps, using social media platforms and recommendations from friends appear to be the best way forward to help you find dates.

There are the obvious warning signs of anger issues, him being controlling, a history of being a serial cheater as well as excessive drinking and/or smoking are all worth steering clear of.

My advice is that the biggest red flag should be if your date sexualizes all conversations, as that will mean he has a one-track mind and he is just lining you up to be his latest conquest – there’s a difference between love and lust.

These type of men tend to have numerous children by multiple women as well as far too many female ‘friends’ on Facebook, so they are particularly secretive when it comes to you seeing their cell phone.

On the other hand, if he is appears too good to be true then that is probably the case. I suggest you undertake your research on him if you believe that your Prince Charming is God’s gift after only a handful of dates.


The most common red flags that I hear from ladies is that their new beau is unable to cut ties to a previous girlfriend or wife, has dozens of failed relationships, gets jealous all the time, is emotionally damaged and mainly talks about himself.

If you feel that your latest boyfriend is acting as though he is playing a game then this is a massive warning sign, as there is a huge difference between playing games and seduction.

The true key to spotting red flags in the early stages of a new romantic relationship is to pay attention to both his words and actions.

Should you ignore any early warning signs of red lights as the romance blossoms yet simply brush them aside then you will find it much more difficult to deal with these later on, so do nip these in the bud and try to eradicate the issue by communicating.

I suggest that you tread carefully, by finding out as much as you can about every date using the internet and social media platforms so that you can make your life and your love life better than you expected.

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