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I know looks aren’t everything, but I don’t get why most women find men in tracksuits so attractive on this island.

Love Doctor MontiAs someone who dresses like an old school gent I need to know whether I should carry on the way I am or try to fit in with the current scene?


Louis – Brighton

Love Doctor’s Answer:

If you attire is not attracting the ladies then you obviously need to alter your approach, as they may well dread your threads.

However, maybe you are hanging around the wrong places where bling jewellery and branded sportswear is deemed as appealing by the ladies, leaving you looking like a fish out of water.

I would suggest that if you are old school, and dress appropriately, then you should consider changing your circle of friends and/or places where you go to meet ladies.

The ‘bad boy’ look will always attract a certain kind of female, but are these the sort of ladies that you find attractive and wish to pursue for a potential relationship?

You need to cut your cloth accordingly, and if – for example – you are hanging around the pool area or bar at somewhere classy like the Jamaica Pegasus hotel then you old school attire will be correct.

Maybe you need to tone down your look to be more James Bond than Mr Bean, as the ladies will be seeking someone who is licensed to thrill rather than a man who looks a bit uptight.


Of course looks matter, but it is the vibes that you give off that are more important. If you are perhaps looking a bit twee or old-fashioned then scan the internet to see what the latest trends are. It is worth asking one of your work colleagues or closest friends to go on a shopping trip for new threads.

Unless you are seeking a down ‘n’ dirty look to grab the attention of certain ladies, then there is no need to grab the bull by the horns and start wearing bling jewellery and a trendy tracksuit.

Look at it this way, you dress differently for a job interview to the way you go to play a sport such as golf and tennis. And the same rule of thumb applies for when you go out on the prowl to mix with ladies.

Should you be venturing into dancehalls, then look at the attire that the majority of men are sporting, and you need to emulate them but in your own unique style. And if you find that the ladies are warmer to you after changing your outfits then that will be a sign you are moving in the right direction.

But there is no reason to be spending your evenings and weekends in branded tracksuits and laden with bling if that is not your thing. Wear what makes you comfortable away from your nights out, and your attire will reflect your personality.

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