I Don’t Believe In Love, Just Money – How Do I Fix My Broken Heart? Help Me Love Doctor

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I’ve been alone for many years and don’t believe in love, just money. How do I fix my broken heart?


Love Doctor MontiBig Man Al, Jamaica

Love Doctor’s Answer:

Being wealthy can be an aphrodisiac, depending on the type of company you keep and the ladies you wish to attract. But as you have been single for some considerable time then maybe you aren’t flashing the cash to garner interest from suitable ladies.

For many ladies, a man boasting plenty of money is a massive draw as they desire living a lavish lifestyle believing it will make them happy. And with money you can often rule today’s materialistic world, as it helps to create both authority and power.

However, your key identity on the island and beyond is your personality. This comprises of factors beyond your wealth such as your career, character, education, skills, style, talents, upbringing and wisdom.

Your abundance of money has been boosted by being single for so long, and probably very little dating. And years of solitude will undoubtedly start to make you both cynical about romance and a selfish streak will have set in. Yet you are right to be cynical because the oldest profession in the world proves that women do gravitate to resources of money, and in return are happy to offer sex.

Admittedly with your wealth you will definitely attract the sort of lady who will want you because of the dollars, as in Jamaica and all across the world there will forever be women who only want men for cash. Despite having money you may not always be able to attract nor retain the ladies that you want, although the good news is that it is never too late to find love. Time is the only healer if you have a broken heart.

To repair your broken heart, which sounds more like a void in your life, you need to start your search to find love by finding common ground – such as background and interests – so that the lady of your dreams can actually be your best friend and not someone who leeches off you.


Bearing that in mind, my advice is to seek a lady who doesn’t wish to waste your cash and shows the endearing quality of parsimony – when she keeps an eye on your financial health. These types of ladies are not as easy to find as you would imagine, as many are the live-for-the-day kind.

Yet the reality is that all ladies have a price, so I believe that you should focus on finding one who offers you the maximum return romantically for the least amount of financial investment and expecting you to splash the cash all the time.

True love is a tricky journey to undertake, but as you are aware about the perils and pitfalls then there is no reason why you cannot be ready to steer your way into a loving relationship and put the brakes on when you see any red flags.

It takes time to navigate past the wrong sort of ladies, but in time the right lady will find her way into your heart, rather than your wallet.

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