The PNP Will Fade Away Unless It Gets Back To Its Roots And Core Values

It saddens me to see comrades saying that Manley’s (People’s National Party) PNP is over and done.

Screenshot via Television Jamaica

That is the very reason the PNP lost both elections. The PNP in trying to appease younger voters, has strayed from the core of what the party stands for.

Instead it has become a party of empty and false promises and make believe manifestos of “wealth”.  Manley’s teachings of education and self reliance, should have been the core values that the PNP pushed.

While the JLP promised prosperity that did not bear fruit, the PNP was crazy to promise “wealth” that could not bear fruit either.


It is because of a high rate of illiteracy why many Jamaicans hug up corruption, protect criminals, and vote for a party filled with and run by criminals. Tt has become the norm.

The PNP needs a leader who recognises this, and genuinely wishes to take Jamaicans away from this kind of politics.

When an election is based on Clarks boots, and slavery connotations, it speaks volumes to a society dying from ignorance and illiteracy. This present PNP has departed from the teachings and values of the honourable Michael Manley, and that is exactly why it is in limbo today.

In case many of you forget, Manley’s notion of power, was not for himself, but for the people.

It was “his love” of and for the people, why he was hailed as Joshua, and remains an icon and hero in countries like South Africa today.

It is total slackness on the part of the PNP, to sit and watch the JLP make an icon of Edward Seaga, while allowing Manley’s name and legacy to be tarnished daily, total shame!!!

In looking for a leader, the PNP must get back to its roots and core values. Without doing that, it will be a party in memory only, that will fade just like the sands of time.


By Michelle Bradshaw

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