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How Can I Impress On Our First Date? Help Me Love Doctor

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I need advice on how to impress a man on a date coming up soon, which is basically a blind date, as we’ve only ever messaged each other via social media.

He’s coming to my place to watch a movie and eat popcorn. I’ve been laid off from work and I don’t want to splash the cash on new clothes, perfumes or scented candles.

I want to excite his senses, but I have no idea how to do this without wearing seductive clothes or feeding him the usual aphrodisiacs.


Love Doctor MontiWith lockdown it wasn’t easy getting dates, so I just desperately want a second date, third date and maybe more.

Love Doctor’s Answer

Low lights for a movie and popcorn are a terrific start to set the mood for a romantic rendezvous.

Although you don’t wish to feed him the well-known aphrodisiac foods as a meal, and there are a plethora in Jamaica that have for years been used for seductive purposes, I would recommend some of the lesser-known snacks and smells that will hit the mark to naturally arouse sexual instincts.

You are only looking, as this is a first date, to enhance his desire towards you and make the evening so pleasurable that he is biting at the bit to see you again.

My advice is to try to use as many of the following aphrodisiac scents as you can get your hands on to help heighten senses for both of you, giving you an unfair advantage.

Fresh popcorn, even if you microwave it, and the scent of warm doughnuts together will provide uplifting and familiar smells that will cause an arousing effect.


Have some black liquorice and peppermints on hand as both of these work wonders in terms of forbidden desire. The sweet scent of liquorice, which derives from anise, enhances arousal.

Ensure that your mints actually contain real peppermint oil, and ensure that you suck on some of these about an hour before he arrives for your date. There was a reason why peppermint was named after the Greek nymph Minthe, the mistress of Pluto who was the undisputed God of the underworld.

Vitality plays a huge part in human attraction, with the smell of citrus known to increase alertness and increase blood flow to the sexual organs. I would suggest buying some oranges and pink grapefruit, both used in top-end perfumes.

Leave these in a couple of each in a bowl close to the sofa and/or coffee table where you are watching the movie. Just before he arrives gently rub these on your neck, wrists and down your arms and when he meets you, offer him a light citrus smell.

With these handful of inexpensive props you’re set up for a delicious evening with a second helping extremely likely to be on you dating menu.

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