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I’m in my early 30s and yet to enjoy a full-on relationship as I’ve been career-focused.

I recently met a man online in April and we were getting on like a house on fire with virtually daily chats because we were both lonely with the coronavirus outbreak, but now I’m back at work our correspondence has halted.

Although I work in a high-powered role I’m dreaming about relationships on a daily basis because I was enamoured by this brief encounter, which was merely flirtatious fun.


Love Doctor MontiThese persistent dreams and recent flirting have got me thinking that maybe I should be seriously seeking a suitable man for potential marriage and maybe even to veer towards motherhood. Do you have any strong advice for my predicament?

Diamond – Kingson

Love Doctor’s Answer

You have dipped your toe in the dating pool but, with the numerous dating apps and online channels, it is easy to drown when you start looking seriously.

You are now taking the initiative to get your romantic life kick started, and it sounds that you are emotionally mature enough to seek an amazing man to complete your life’s goals.

The traditional values of marriage remain highly prized in Jamaica, but you need to concentrate on where to meet your Prince Charming and how. Building a relationship is often a slow and at times arduous task, not something to be rushed, so be prepared to devote the time and effort.

My advice is that as you are an independent and strong-minded lady, you should be seeking a potential suitor who will complement your life. A wonderful long-lasted relationship is usually built on a deep connection that over the years develops because of other factors such as trust and respect.


Jot down a list of the attributes you can offer a relationship and add a list of the assets you are seeking. Finding someone with a common interest who is age appropriate and on the same level as you, in terms of looks and intelligence, would be an ideal start.

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