Saharan Dust Blanketing Jamaica Expected To Intensify

The Saharan dust plume which has been affecting Jamaica since Monday is expected to intensify today.

According to Rohan Brown, Acting Head of the Weather Branch, Meteorologist, the island is currently experiencing a reduction in visibility.

Brown said: “On a normal day, the visibility is usually greater than 10 kilometres with the average anywhere between 16 and 20 kilometres, so clearly we are seeing a reduction in visibility as a result of the increased dust particles in the atmosphere associated with the Saharan Air Layer,.”


And Director of the Meteorological Service of Jamaica, Evan Thompson said the island will likely see the worst case of the plume on Wednesday before it gradually fade towards the weekend.

“On Wednesday we are likely to see the worst case of this current plume that is moving across us and it will gradually dissipate as we get into the weekend”, said Thompson.

Screenshot via The Weather Channel

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