PM And Security Experts Meet To Plan Further Anti-Crime Strategies

A recent release from the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM)  has revealed that the Government is currently mulling over ideas to maintain the security gains and the safety of the citizens of Jamaica.

Given the negative response of the Leader of the Opposition to the invitation of the Prime Minister to meet and reconsider the extensions of the States of Public Emergency, the Government has been focused on fine-tuning its security plans for the coming year.

The public should bear in mind that the Leader of the Opposition while accepting the Prime Minister’s invitation to meet, has flatly rejected the purpose of the meeting, which is to discuss the extension of the State of Emergency.

The Government does not wish to make security into a political football nor do we wish to engage in meaningless talk. The Government has always sought a united position on security matters and would welcome the cooperation of the Opposition even at this late stage. However, such cooperation must be genuine and meaningful.


The Opposition is either confused or disingenuous, on one hand, they outrightly reject the successful use of the States of Emergency, which are recommended by the security professionals and which could continue to bring further gains. While, on the other hand, the Opposition is advocating for actions that could only be carried out under the legal framework of a State of Emergency.

In his use of time, the Prime Minister has decided to focus on ensuring that plans are in place for the improved safety and security of the citizens.
The Prime Minister will be completing a series of consultations with the Security Chiefs today, after which, he will finalize a letter to the Leader of the Opposition.

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