Women’s March Jamaica’s Response To Newborn Found Abandoned In Bushes

The most recent case of a baby found abandoned further confirms that an island-wide campaign on MENTAL HEALTH is crucial in Jamaica.

WOMEN in Jamaica, like anywhere else, suffer from pre and postpartum depression, more so if the fathers abandon the family – which is all too common.

The woman who rescued the baby from the bushes this week asked, “How people so wicked?” It’s not simply a matter of being wicked.

It’s likely postpartum depression. No mother in her right mind would do such thing to an infant. Imagine what would happen to her if residents found out who did it?


Postpartum depression in Jamaica … the first time I saw a dead newborn was in 1996 in an inner-city community. A nude baby girl on the cold dirt. No head. I was still in primary school. It took a long time to get the image out of my head. This has been happening in Jamaica for a long time.

Women that are not poor and single can develop postpartum depression, however poor single women have less resources and likely do not understand what is happening.

The mental health experts in the country should educate the public more and introduce resources. Call single mothers after they are discharged from hospital and ask how they are doing. If they can’t cope, send help to them. Pay a visit. Tell them about adoption as an option.

A study about Jamaican single mothers and pre+postpartum depression. Study found that 94% of women who suffered depression in both periods, are single mothers.

We need an islandwide mental health campaign. Help mothers so that they don’t resort to killing and throw away their newborn.

Here’s the study: “Prevalence of pre- and postpartum depression in Jamaican women.”—

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