5 Reasons Why Usain Bolt WILL Be Signed By A Top Football Club!

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Usain Bolt hung up his spikes at the World Championships in London last year following a very successful career as a sprinter.

The triple world record holder, with his incredible feats on the track and likeable persona managed to  captivate the world like no other athlete in history has.

Bolt, who made many of the world’s fastest sprinters look slow throughout his storied career on the track has on several occasions expressed a desire to play football professionally.


And it appears, he is making great strides towards realising that ambition. The eight-time Olympic gold medallist recently went on trial with one of the best football teams in the German Bundesliga – Borussia Dortmund.

During a practice session with the club that was broadcasted live online, Bolt managed to score via an expertly placed header. He later scored from the penalty spot and also managed to pull off an exquisite nutmeg on a defender.

Bolt was not given any special treatment and the mere fact that he was able to hold his own with some of the best football players on the planet speaks volumes about his potential.

Following the eventful training session, Bolt said “I really want to try and make it professionally, to play at a high level.”

He added: “My goal is to make a top team and play in one of the top leagues in the world.”

But despite his creditable showing, there are many who still hold the view that Bolt will not be able to land a contract with one of the world’s best football clubs. 


However, there is really no reason to assume that will be the case. Here are a few reasons why Bolt can and WILL be signed by one of the world’s top football clubs.


Speed is absolutely crucial in the game of football and without a doubt Usain Bolt would be the fastest footballer ever (off the ball). Bolt, courtesy of his years of sprint training also has world class reaction time and timing. This means Bolt will likely be able to perfectly time runs to avoid offside traps regularly. He would be an absolute nightmare for defenders who are forced to chase him.

Teams could exploit this  by sending endless long passes his way and with continued training he will quite likely capitalise on several goal scoring opportunities created in this manner.


He is ‘Superhuman’

Bolt, of course is human just like the rest of us but he has perplexed scientists for years with his dazzling speed. His height of 6 feet 5 inches, actually makes it more difficult for him to run fast, as he has to overcome increased resistance and other factors. He is arguably the closest thing to a superhuman.

And though it is not unreasonable to conclude that he will struggle in a top league where players have devoted the majority of their lives to refining their football skills, if there is one person who can surprise us, it is Usain Bolt.


He will be a PLUS for ANY Club

Usain Bolt is EASILY among the most marketable humans on the planet. It would be naive to think that clubs don’t recognise this. Whichever team manages to sign Usain Bolt will benefit GREATLY financially, both directly and indirectly. Stadiums will be packed to see Bolt in action, regardless of how long he is on the field and the potential earnings via merchandise surrounding Bolt would be astronomical.

In fact, Bolt could serve to make the world’s most admired sport even more popular as he will undoubtedly attract the interest of many of his fans who otherwise would not have paid any attention to football.




Based on what we have seen him do in training at Dortmund, it is probably not a stretch to assume that Bolt, with continued training and conditioning could become a force to be reckoned with in world football. The world’s best players begin working on their technical skills at a very early age but conversely, physical attributes such as speed and physical strength are invaluable. And he is already showing signs that, in addition to his blistering speed, he will be able to capitalise on his aerial prowess. Once his awareness, first touch and passing are refined, he will do well. 


He is STRONG mentally

Usain Bolt has incredible mental strength. Throughout his career as a sprinter, Bolt managed to calm his nerves to pull off wins when it mattered most – even when the odds seemed to be against him. And naturally this will help him to maintain his composure when he does join a top team.

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