What Role Are Women In Jamaica Playing To Help Stem Violence Against Them?

Can we talk about the role that women play in the modern Jamaican society?

The Jamaica that I know, is one that respects women. Women have always been the backbone of the Jamaican society. We nurture our children and take pride in our role as mothers. We take care of our men, our sons.

We run our households and are active members in our communities. We work hard. Hell, some of us farm. I grew up seeing the men in my family and community love and respect women no matter how feisty they were, for behind all their sass was a gentle soul.

Fast forward to today. Recently on the nightly news I saw where gunmen opened fire on a group of women somewhere in Marverly. At least one died, and a 15-year-old girl hospitalized.

My question is, are Jamaicans, collectively, STILL pro-woman or not really? It’s not a normal day when stuff like this happens, and so frequently.

It’s really sad that some lowlifes can casually open fire on a group of women. There should be a manhunt until they are caught. And the community…the community should step forward for a change and reveal what they saw.

Gunmen can’t kill off everyone in the community if there’s unity against them. Unity is strength! The cultural decay and lack of respect for human life is too strong these days.

Where are the women advocates across the island and what role do women play in our society anymore?

Last week we had women who were seemingly more concerned about community image than they were about a young girl’s murder. Are women becoming a part of the problem here?

Then or now, doesn’t matter, nowhere in the world should women be shot at and we accept it simply as “mankind a get more wicked. It is barbaric and unacceptable.

A policeman places markers at a crime scene – Image via

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