Lost Bob Marley Tapes From the 70s Discovered and Restored

A collection of recordings from the legendary musician Bob Marley has been discovered.

The recordings which were lost for decades were damaged by water but have largely been restored.

According to The Guardian, the tapes feature live recordings from Marley’s concerts in Paris and London between the years 1974 – 1978.

They were found in a run-down hotel in North-west London.


The collection is comprised of  13 analog tapes, 10 of which were restored after over a year of work at a cost of approximately US $31, 215.00.

The tapes were in such a bad state that a sound technician specialist stated that they would have been lost forever if anyone had tried playing them in the condition they were found.

One tape was damaged beyond repair and two were blank.

The post by the Guardian made no mention regarding whether the recordings will be made available for purchase.

By Ueli Frey – http://www.drjazz.ch/album/bobmarley.html, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

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