Is Organ Harvesting in Jamaica Really that Far-fetched?

When I attended Primary School in the seventies, there was a moment when young girls were reported missing, and the argument was that men were abducting them, killing them and using their hearts for witch craft.

Such men were referred to as BLACK HEART MEN.

I remember a young child who attended Dunrobin Primary, who was missing for days, and when her body was found, the heart was reported missing.

Eventually after many investigations they found that the men were also eating the hearts of their victims.


I remember that it was a time when parents feared for the safety of their children, especially the girls, to the point where my grandmother was picking me up from school many evenings.

There has been a video circulating lately about organ harvesting and many are quick to write it off and say the man speaking in the video is speaking rubbish.

But how many are really aware that this is actually taking place in many parts of the world and is big business?

It would be nice if the members of the police force would make it known to the public if any bodies were actually found with vital body organs missing.

I am not saying that the video is the truth, but it leaves the doors open for questions to be asked. One being why this sudden upsurge in the abduction of our young girls and our women?

By Patrick J. Lynch, medical illustrator – Patrick J. Lynch, medical illustrator, CC BY 2.5, Link

By Michelle Bradshaw

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