Nat Geo Labels Jamaica as One of the World’s Most Dangerous Countries For Trans Persons

A recent social media post by National Geographic is portraying Jamaica as a country that is very dangerous for gender non-conforming persons.

The post, which which was shared via Instagram on Friday (January 6) states:

“This is Trina. She is a transwoman living in Jamaica, one of the most dangerous counties of the world for Trans and gender non-confirming individuals. Sanctioned prejudice against people such as Trina creates a society of violence. They are at extreme risk for assault and suicide. Trina has been shot, stabbed, burned with acid and hacked with a machete across her face. Photo by @ljohnphoto for Nat Geo’s Special Issue-Gender Revolution. “

An image of Trina was also shared:

The controversial post which has already garnered close to 10,000 comments has triggered a heated discussion regarding transphobia in Jamaica.


See some comments below:

“And as it relates to these individuals hiding under the gay cloak… Why hasn’t national geographic showed the side of them that has been robbing n killing ppl…”

“This is a sick disease these people suffer from.”

“This is terrible! Every person should have the right to do what ever he wants with his body”

“I hope ppl be more flexible yo new things al atound the world. Life is love dont waste it hating each other”

“These are human beings and deserve to live happy as everyone else.”

“They are bad too themselves……..they hide out in the gullies and Rob ppl #whosthevictim


“Disappointed that National Geographic is spreading Propaganda. Her spouse did that. Get your acts straight!!! ? @natgeo Jamaicans DO NOT terrorize gays. They are the ones terrorizing themselves and every other group of people. Smh”

Screenshot via Nat Geo Instagram

Screenshot via Nat Geo Instagram

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