Bolt Expresses Interest in Being An Action Star

Bolt for Hollywood Movies?

The world’s fastest man – Jamaica’s Usain Bolt was recently asked if he would ever consider crossing over [from athletics] to be a Hollywood action star.

And the 9-time Olympic gold medallist who is no stranger to cameras cheerfully responded saying:


“That’s what I live for”.

When asked what franchise he would like to be a part of, Bolt continued:

“Anything that Jason Statham do, that’s my league”.

Jason Statham is an English actor who is known for roles in The Transporter trilogy and several other films.

Following Bolt’s expected retirement in 2017, the athlete should have more time on his hands to dabble in other fields though we suspect he may have his hands full with football training.

Bolt would quite likely make a great action star seeing that he is good at everything….except perhaps singing.

Screenshot via TMZ
Screenshot via TMZ

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