Are Women the New Endangered Group in Jamaica?

This period reminds me of 2010 when women were being maimed by machetes; chopped to death; wounded by gunshots; and shot to death.

This recent episode of domestic violence reciprocates that period and seems to have become a trend for mentally weak men.

Of course, we all become angry when hurt but it is no excuse to act on that anger with brutish force and cruelty.

Gone are the days when we protect our women or show an understanding for their reaction to our attitudes and behaviours. There is no greater crime than killing someone we say we love or killing the mother of our children, whom we treasure.


There has to be a new measure of accountability for these heinous acts by those who commit these crimes and those who are responsible for society’s protection.

The burden of death is beyond one life but also destroys the lives of those immediately affected and it’s mostly children who suffer, losing both parents. The emotional and psychological drain it places on young minds are inherent causes of some of the domestic issues we now face. The unresolved challenges of moving pass the pain will alter the thought process and attitudes of our youngsters.


Are we to now accept this kind of behaviour as standard or proceed to treat them as normal, relative to our time? Hell, no! A new platform of values has to be reintroduced to cohesively keep families together and correct the downward spiral of disagreeable violence towards women. Women are not weak, so why are we to believe that they must remain in a vacuum of helplessness?

I’d love to see better use of our resources in protecting society from these murderous vultures who prey on our children, our elders and our women. The whip is one measure. The rope is another. Yet, if the books are to be rewritten, we must adjust ourselves to use such barbaric legal measures until the point is made and the lessons are learnt.

Women can’t be the target of our insecurities and our inabilities to accept the consequences of our actions, even if it means separation.

If there are no other steps being taken against crime, our judicial system must now be reevaluated for its effectiveness, in protecting our children, elders and women. If we know of abuse, speak out! If we find that we are abusers, seek help! If you, a woman, is being abused, leave!

Go to the places that protect and serve but most importantly, find that place that gives you peace and protects you against resting in peace.

I am O. A. Lyle
And I am pissed!

Oakley Lyle is an author and poet – Visit his Facebook Page HERE

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Oakley Lyle

Oakley Lyle is an author and poet - Visit his Facebook Page HERE