“Fraid Like Puss” – Deputy Mayor Scared of Spanish Town

Jamaica’s Old Capital – Spanish Town could be in for a bloody Christmas according to a voice note that has been circulating on various social media platforms in recent days.

The voice note features the voice of a suspected gangster who states:

“The man a say him a come wipe out everything inna the town… Spanish Town nah see nuh Christmas. If yuh can avoid the town, avoid the town at all cost.”

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Since the emergence of that audio clip, numerous Jamaicans have shared their anxieties on the horrifying prospect via social media.

And Spanish Town’s Deputy Mayor – Ralston ‘John’ Wilson has now chimed in to share some of his worries.

During a recent interview with The Star,  Councillor Wilson reportedly stated that he has no desire to learn more about the perils that are promised to hit the old capital.

“You don’t fill into something that you can get yourself into trouble or even lose your life and you don’t know much about it,” Wilson said.

“I am a born country man and the Division that I am responsible for is peaceful,” said Wilson who represents the Ginger Ridge Division in west Central St Catherine.

“I have never been into any Division from I am in politics that create any violence and when I hear bout gun running, mi fraid like puss.”

After being asked if it isn’t his duty to be aware of the qualms of the people of Spanish Town, he reportedly responded by saying:


“You think a country man who don’t know the people round town can go and ask any question and let them go out there and call your name saying that you are saying this and you are saying that” .

“The Mayor knows more about it. He has two bodyguards and I don’t have a soul.”

Ralson Wilson via
Ralson Wilson via

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