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There are many things Camille Davis and I have in common.

We both joined CentreStage Theatre Workshop Group in 2004, she wanted to act, I wanted to do everything else ‘cept that. We’re both country girls. She being from deep, rural Hanover; me being from deep-rural St. James. And, we were both raised by amazing women who wear the title ‘Grandmother’.

The similarities start becoming differences after that.

One main difference is whereas I don’t mind sharing my thoughts or feelings in a blog post, Camille will shoot you a few pretty pictures now and then, but that’s where opening up to the public ends.


I knew I would have to come good to get her to talk to me, especially since I like to ask questions that dig a tad bit below surface. But, when I reached out to her, thankfully, I didn’t have to use the ‘friend’ card. She readily answered my questions — well, some of them. Read our interview below:


Are you still as in love with acting as you were when you just started out?

I am more in love with acting now, as I am convinced this is the path in which God has planted my feet.

People see the glitter and glamour of your job. They see the pretty actress on stage, on TV, your face on billboards — but what are some of the ugly truths that come with being an actress? What are some issues faced in your line of work?

Privacy! Even though I have done a pretty good job of keeping my personal life private, people still feel entitled to you, your time and your space. They have this need to know, and feel that you’re obligated to answer every question. But, I have grown so much as an individual it really doesn’t bother me that much anymore.

Since we’re on the topic of people invading your privacy (like I’m doing) and people feeling that you’re obligated to answer their questions (I don’t feel that way), I think it is a perfect segue into my next question. It is a question I know you may not answer, but I am still hoping your growth will help.

Go ahead.


Why don’t you talk about your mother?

I don’t talk about her because I like to preserve certain things in my life. Timing is everything.

Understood. Do you think she is proud of you?

Yes. She is. As a matter of fact, I think she is more proud of me than I am of myself.


Camille has starred in various music videos, television ads and alongside theatre greats such as Glen Campbell:


And Oliver Samuels:


She has also performed across the Caribbean and the United States.


What is your most memorable role thus far and why is it your most memorable role?

My most memorable role — hmmm — hard one. But, it would probably be the character from “Love Games” where I played a Ghost. Why? Because the reaction from the audience was unlike anything I’ve ever seen in Jamaican Theatre. It was also THE darkest role I’ve ever played in my life and it took me to THE darkest place I’ve ever gone with a character. Which, I guess, is why it is so unforgettable.


Let’s switch from dark roles and dark places and talk about how you saw the ‘light’. Why did you become a Christian?

I felt as though God was speaking to me — First, Pastor Mark reached out to me and told me that ‘the Lord is calling me’. Then, I kept meeting different people who would ask if I was a Christian. And, most of all, I couldn’t escape this nagging feeling that God wanted me to change my life and he wanted me to do it now.

Will it limit the number of roles you take? Or, prevent you from playing a certain type of role?

My morals have always been the core of who I am and my morals have always dictated the course of my career. Before becoming a Christian, I was offered roles that required me to do ‘certain things’ and I declined. So, being a Christian now won’t change anything. Put it this way, my gift will make room for me. God knows exactly what I need and he will give me just that. Nothing more. Nothing less.

You always seem so confident and sure of yourself. Do you have insecurities?

A lot. I never thought I was beautiful and I never thought anyone would value my opinion because those were some of the lies that I was led to believe. I am still not as confident as I would like to be, but I’ve grown into believing in who God says I am and not what man thinks of me.

What is your biggest fear?

Not realizing all my dreams and accomplishing the things that I know are my God given purpose.

What is your biggest regret?

Not getting to know God sooner. If I did, a lot of mistakes made could have been avoided. But, I needed the lessons. It is all a part of a greater plan.


If you’re asked to speak to a group of young girls and you’re asked to tell them only one thing — only one sentence to uplift them— what would you tell them?

Believe in yourself, you’re more powerful than you can ever begin to imagine.


Catch Camille Davis in her latest project, ‘Blind Spot’


Now playing at Centre Stage Theatre, New Kingston.

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