We Need More Pastor Millers

I have been watching the case of the Reverend Al Miller unfold and to date tried very hard not to comment but, time has come.

I know my response will not be a popular one, but what must be said…must be said.


I have never met, nor spoken to this pastor, so my take on the matter has no relevant bias to speak of.
Let’s not hide our consciences because we want to be politically correct. We all know that had our corrupt, politics driven and involved cops been aware of the time of delivery of the cargo he bore, the pastor and Coke would both have been bullet riddled mincemeat before reaching their destination.


I think the “official” henchmen would have organized for neither Miller nor Coke to live, for fear Coke would spill his guts to US authorities.
Fear he would divulge what local officials didn’t want exposed to those authorities that would incriminate them and their ‘high seat’ corruption, and in the process embarrass the government in power, who were to all intents and purposes further governed by Coke.

Reverend Al Miller via jamaica-gleaner.com
Reverend Al Miller via jamaica-gleaner.com

Coke knew those high up in government wanted him dead, so he did what he thought was best for him, and Miller responded like the Christian shepherd he is known to be. He tried to protect and be there for another human being in distress. It just happened to be Dudus. Despite what we know about Coke and his exploits, he was still untried in a court of law, and therefore innocent until proven guilty.

I have little love and respect for scoundrels and criminals, but I think that it could have been any innocent man, with a whole lot of red checks against him because he had been framed….even by authorities. We see it happen all over the world every day. Would we still feel the same if we were such a one and had reached out to a trusted pastor…any pastor, so we could get justice and he neglected to help? Maybe we would be cursing him for not practicing what he preaches.
Dang if he does and dang if he doesn’t!

I like the idea that Reverend Miller would have done the same for me or any loved one in similar trying situations. We need more like him. Maybe more criminals would turn themselves in during a moment of remorse, instead of staying in the gullies and getting further hardened and beyond redemption. They are ruining our nation. Maybe we need to ask Reverend Miller to intervene by receiving them and taking them in.
He is an asset, not a liability or felon for God’s sake!

I have no blame for this man who must have been wetting his pants all the way to his intended destination, knowing that there were roadblocks and official mercenaries everywhere out there with high powered weapons just waiting for their big chance.

Commissioner Ellington reportedly knew of and sanctioned what this pastor was going to do. That is what absolves him in my eyes. He sought counsel on the matter from the highest level of our force before he made a decision to get involved in this way. He got the go ahead. The Commissioner just didn’t know the exact date and time this “transfer” would take place and I can’t say I blame the goodly pastor for keeping that close to his chest. Given the circumstances that prevailed at that time, it would have been foolish of the pastor to trust anyone…..ANYONE, with that little detail.

Does that small omission make him a criminal?


Had it been a “high society” Catholic or Anglican priest or a man of “the cloth,” we wouldn’t be having this conversation. His actions would constitute part of his confessional cover, pastoral privileges, and entitlement to aid someone in need. Unlike most of those, Miller is not known to be surreptitious, politically inclined or active, so it’s easy to use him as a scapegoat in a politically charged affair of international proportion. I ask this…..how does this act differ from asking criminals to surrender their guns to churches and pastors in an amnesty? Aren’t those guns still illegal? But no questions are asked. Many of those guns have notches on them, signifying the lives they took…..still no questions.

How is it different? By trying to get Dudus out of our midst Reverend Miller may actually have been doing the country a great favour, and possibly saving the government the cost of a few more body bags and autopsies.

It is a testimony to this pastor and his reputation that our most notorious and most wanted man instinctively knew that the only chance he would have to make it alive was to trust the integrity of this man and put his life in his hand. He didn’t want to be anywhere near the hands of those he himself was lord over for so long. He apparently knew their duplicity firsthand and was likely informed of imminent treachery.

TO” HELP” a fellow human being in distress.
That in my books can never be classified as aiding and abetting a felon.
Regardless of the magnitude of the crimes committed by the ‘sinner’ he carried, this pastor practiced and lived what he preaches. Think about it.
What would Jesus have done differently if He still walked this earth?

This man didn’t break the law….the law tried to break him. He did nothing illegal in my books. I take note how quiet the former commissioner and others named by the reverend are. Is it simply because they know that telephone records and transcripts will bear out his story and vindicate him? Really now! You all would look better just doing the right thing and not let this man take the heat for something you know deep down that you endorsed in your professional capacity.

You would be committing no crime to admit it Mr. Commissioner. The people would understand. Your crime would be to watch this innocent, courageous man, who was only trying to help you do your job, serving time while you sit on the truth. This man was brave, while the whole crummy lot of you were simply put, cowardly lions cowering in silence in an office behind a badge and a desk.
Mek di innocent pastor walk free without paying any fines. Attempt to restore his tarnished reputation by doing the stand up thing.


By Ava Ramdeen – a former staff writer and subeditor of The Daily Gleaner ,The Jamaica Daily News, and Caribbean Life News in New York, as well as Managing Editor of the Caribbean Media Network 1995. Email feedback to [email protected] and [email protected]

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