The Year Of Yes

Meet Latoya West-Blackwood!


In 2013 she walked away from her job because she had ‘ideas that she wanted to bring to life’.

In 2014, she failed at her 1st attempt to start a business. Then, her mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness. She admits to feeling ‘broken’.

In 2015, she kept failing at various business ventures, but her husband had faith in her potential and encouraged her to try out for The Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship.


She declared 2016 her ‘year of yes’, decided it was her time to be blessed and separated herself from people who drained her energy to focus on accepting the support of family and good friends.


One such good friend encouraged her to try out for the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI).

Yesterday, Latoya got this letter:


May her story encourage you to chase every single dream with urgency. I wish her guidance on her journey.


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Story: http://Latoya A. West-Blackwood – Chief Executive Officer at IPublish Consultancy (story as told via her FB page)

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