A Leader We Need

Jamaica is going to wish for the intervention of this woman, and very soon.

A truly dedicated child of God and a tried and tested, proven warrior for her people.

Trusted by all, including her opposition and adversaries, because deep in their own hearts they know the real truth, despite what their mouths may say.

She is true blue, and a stalwart.


They know her worth. In the dead of night when they come pleading in earnest, in a secret way, and when all common sense eludes them, as they melt down, she is the one they seek out, and she IS the one they find… They know within themselves that she is always there for them…teaching them, comforting them.

via thinkjamaica.files.wordpress.com
via thinkjamaica.files.wordpress.com

Her people know her and the heart in her. Her wisdom and charisma has won over mighty men and she has led them effortlessly, like the champion she is. She is undisputed and acclaimed Champion of her people and their causes. A woman who has sought no other role in life except to rally her people, consolidate her team, despite how fractious they may become.

She has encouraged, inspired and rallied her many young politicians to higher heights and to dream bigger than any before them. To take the baton and run with it, as they uphold the ideals of the party she has been a part of all her life and to which she has always remained faithful.

Few have led the cause of women and led their country at the same time, but none with the fire and zeal of Portia Simpson- Miller, who despite it all, exhorts her people to live Godly lives and challenge them to meet life head on, while she fights with them in the trenches and advocates on their behalf.

Women owe her a debt of gratitude for having mothered them and their children despite the fact that her own womb has never yielded.

Women need to stand up for her, so that they have someone to stand up for them, for though many have said they would and will do so, they have been very ineffective and have not dealt with their particular issues with passion and zeal. Despite how they prate and parade, they have proven to be just talkers. They are clouds without water, nonproductive. A fight such as this needs the hand of experience, and there is none other presently alive in our midst with the experience that this woman brings to the table.

I say let those who are seeking her early demise keep on talking their talk, while we put our punch behind this woman who has always walked the walk, and continues to do so.


Don’t be confused by her silence. She is in the kitchen, still baking, so that soon there will be bread for all. Be not dismayed. She always has a battle plan or two up her sleeve. So don’t despair, this wily politician is going to come out swinging, when the timing is right.

Let those who challenge keep coming out of the woodworks.

“Purporting to be wise they became fools.” –Romans 1:22

So many challengers, all seeking the same thing, her leadership position……nonsense!
It is not a vacant post and when it is, only one of them can fill it. So they will turn on each other and fight for the one bone to the detriment of the people and the party.


They above all should know from experience never to challenge a seasoned campaigner and especially not one of the ilk of Portia Simpson-Miller, lover of her people.

She is silent in the face of all this adversity because she is simply put, not a regurgitator of sentimental drivel. She is a worker and producer, God inspired and strong.

I pray that despite the many insults and deprecatory statements and behavior that has been forced in her face the good Lord will not permit her to give up on us yet as a people and just walk away into the sunset. There is still too much in her left to give. She is a gift to us from God Himself. One we must treasure.
Rather than encouraging her to retire we should as one be selfishly begging her to stay. She is a unifier, a known team player and only she has the real power and wisdom to end the fractures in the party that will cause it to heal.

I encourage those young politicians who are still growing to rally behind her and learn a lesson or two. Those young ones that are fighting now, all were given the chance to rise by Portia Simpson Miller. She is not an opportunist but a giver of opportunities. She caused them to dream so big that now they aspire to her chair!


Kinda reminds me of Satan, how God created him, taught him everything he knows. So much so, that he thought himself equal to God, tried to dethrone Him and caused rebellion in heaven. It was just like is presently happening in God’s chosen people representative party, the PNP. The executive of the party should take note of God’s response in solving that uprising. He threw Satan out of heaven, along with the host of his dissident followers and created a host of new angels to take his place. Hmmm..

The PNP and the people of our beautiful country should do what they have to do to ensure that this woman stays at the helm and lead our country out of the hands of Pharoah. Then can we allow her to walk into the sunset, her job finished and the baton peaceably handed to another capable son or daughter of our soil. We should as one cry out to God for her continuance.

Please Portia, don’t give up on your people now. Let the Blyghters blight all they will. They are simply doing what comes naturally to them. Yes, we need you.

Your people really do, and now.


Exercise caution and wisdom and do not allow your minds to be swayed and overcome by the superfluity of inevitability rhetoric. We don’t need the advent of some young, or upstart politician on a trial run. Some may appeal to the eye, some may even be more than passably intelligent, yet green to the game of politics. Common sense tells me that our economy may never recover from such an incursion. They don’t dictate our future, God does, and we are a praying people. Let us lift her up in prayer so He will sustain her to finish what she started.

We need the help of someone who is proven, really cares, and is not just saying that they do, simply for the sake of garnering a few votes. Jamaicans need to acquaint themselves about the true facts surrounding the genesis of this present dilemma within the PNP and make their decisions accordingly. I remind you that all is never what it seems. Insurgency most often carries negative connotations for those involved. Fine feathers don’t always make fine birds. Fluff is never enough, it’s time for real talk, and a dose of cold reality. Mrs Simpson-Miller stands alone and in a class of her own, a regent most deserving of promotion.

If ever a local should be declared a national hero in their lifetime there would be none as deserving a qualifier than this. I cry shame on those who are trying so hard to diminish the work of her lifetime and its value to us as a people. Such treachery is not deserving of being promoted to leadership, but to be sifted as wheat for the betterment of the party, torn as it presently is, due to their incongruity and disingenuity.

Fragile erstwhile beauty cannot lead us out of trouble, and we shouldn’t allow ourselves that temptation, nor can beefed up brawn do ought but be a figurehead. The deceptive offerings of a Blyghtsome attempt at a fantastical façade based on megalomania.
We need a true hero, and PSM has been all that and a bag of chips for us as a people over her illustrious lifetime.

By Ava Ramdeen – a former staff writer and subeditor of The Daily Gleaner ,The Jamaica Daily News, and Caribbean Life News in New York, as well as Managing Editor of the Caribbean Media Network. Email feedback to [email protected] and [email protected]


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