The Eclipse of Dance Hall

So it is alleged that the popular dancer Marvin “the beast” has been banned from all dancehall events in Jamaica by the police.

If this is true, one must wonder if once again they are trying to fix the problem by starting in the middle. The truth is women have lost all respect for themselves, and this has been allowed to fester under the banner of culture for far too long.

The explicit videos have been making their rounds on social media for quite some time. From women allowing men to put a coal pot on their face, to women allowing men to jump on them from the top of buildings, to women going to the dance hall not wearing any underwear.

The sad truth is Marvin and others like him were created because many women have allowed themselves to become dancehall props for people to video and give them a moment or two of fame on social media.

cropped via Flickr
cropped via Flickr

The fact that it got to the point where a Marvin SEEMINGLY thought it was ok to rip off a woman’s clothes and treat her like a piece of meat, indicates that our society is warped and mentally depraved.

When a young woman is standing in the dance hall and a man has his hand in her shorts fondling her vagina for all to see and you have a DJ ‘bigging him up’, it highlights the sad reality that many of our WOMEN have lost their way.

When DJs sing about ‘gal spread out’ and have women as their biggest fans, it speaks volumes. When we have the Dutty Fridays  and Careless Tuesdays where our women are scantily clad and leave little to the imagination, it speaks volumes.

I find it amazing that if a dance is being kept and it is past a certain time, that the police will go and tell them to lock off the sound, but they are missing in action when women are being attacked or allow themselves to be attacked.

Marvin’s behavior did not come about overnight. He was created by Jamaicans under the guise of entertainment, so let us not be hypocrites and pretend to be alarmed when this has been happening for quite a while and we have done nothing to curb or control it.

I have seen many videos of our young children both boys and girls posted by adults on social media doing some of these various dances, and if you dare to object, you hear that “it is a part of our culture” and hunno leff di pickney dem meck dem enjoy demself.

Well so much for culture and so much for entertainment, and I have no doubt that Marvin will return better than ever to grace the dance hall with his ‘beast like’ behaviour, simply because our society is one that has no morals, and women who do not respect themselves.


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