How Can ‘Decent’ Jamaicans Disrespect Portia Simpson Miller In This Manner?

Just a reminder: To the little girls masquerading as grown women.

To those of you who call yourselves mothers, wives,and so on, I am disgusted by the disrespect many of you have meted out towards Portia Simpson Miller both on and off social media.

I sincerely hope that you will never have to face that kind of disrespect.

To those of you who laughed as images of her head on a JOHN CROW surfaced online, or MOCKED HER for not having a child, or wished DEATH AND DESTRUCTION ON HER, I  hope that your children are nothing like you. 


Children are our future and if they grow up seeing their mothers displaying this level of disrespect, then the future of our country is truly in jeopardy.


The behavior of many of you speaks volumes as to why DJ’s, singers, and so many others will continue to write and sing lyrics that say we are ‘LESS THAN’.

It speaks volumes to the fact that ILLITERACY is indeed a disease, and we seriously need to find a cure.

It speaks volumes to the fact that some people should have been left on the PLANTATIONS, because they neither DO or SAY anything to uplift US as a people.

It speaks volumes to the fact that because of politics and politicians, SOME of us will stoop to the lowest level just to score political points.

The fact that many forums condone this kind of behaviour highlights the fact that some people simply lack INTEGRITY, CHARACTER and COMMON DECENCY.

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