I am Ashamed of Jamaican Politics

At the young age of 24 yrs old I am officially turned off by what takes place in the political arena in Jamaica.

I fall in the minority group of Jamaican young people who actually keep up to date on world affairs and the daily ins and outs of my country through the eyes of the media as well as from my own observations.

The night the election was called I sat at home and watched from my TV screen how dedicated supporters stood for hours to see their leader take the stage and announce the date.

I didn’t even attempt to stay up and watch the entire broadcast because I had work in the morning and the date affected me in no way or form. The date was called and immediately after the announcement, the entire nation seemed to turn upside down.


Shootings followed and some were claimed to be politically linked. Some people became fearful to even wear their favourite outfits because of the colour scheme. As a young person, the behaviour of our leaders is enough to instantly turn off my interest in the entire political process.

JLP and PNP supporters - Image Source:
JLP and PNP supporters – Image Source:

When looking for someone to emulate I immediately look over my political leaders, isn’t that a shame? The constant hurtful words that are thrown across both floors doesn’t reflect well for a nation that claims to be progressing. Instead, it reflects a nation that is stagnant in terms of its way of thinking.

From time to time those of us looking on ponder whether it is the greed for power that changes these bright minds or they were like this before. When I sit and hear our leaders claim that they are for the people and have the people’s best interest at heart I actually laugh at the thought because for many years we have spoken about being tired of the same old type of politics yet it continues.

When I look at the crowds that come out to support those who they months before claimed to not care about knowing that weeks after the election they will again make those claims, my heart actually pains me. Our leaders are the way they are because of what we as the population accept from them.

If we stopped supporting the vulgarity and the broken promises, our leaders would eventually strive to find ways to meet our needs because in the end their faith is in our hands but unfortunately the majority of us have failed to see that.

So, we can continue to claim that nobody will do a better job at managing the country but if they realize that whether they perform well or poorly they will still receive support, they have no reason to change.

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