You’ve never cheated on a test paper,
but you cheated on me, I guess it felt better.

You said you’ll make it work,
when really you were in another man’s place,
doing the dance they call the twerk.

You behaved like a snake,
if you had doubt you should have walked out.

You stayed – Miss. Smith,
my faithful heart you played with.


Like Facebook you loved ‘likes’.

poemsThe pickups, the drop-offs,
in his car he tossed the coin – and gave you head,
while you write me the tales.

You said you loved me, but you showed hate,
I didn’t tie you, you should have slipped through the gate.

How could you talk about us to him?

You increased his chance that was very slim,
that caused our light to grow dim.

You allowed him to stamp his seal on your neck.
You played me like the joker in a card deck.

You told me you didn’t see – when you actually saw,
if I was an evil man you’d probably end up with a lean jaw.


I put time on the cross – I made the sacrifices,
but you still run along with his silly devices.

To his old house you went with him,
in his car – you slept with him.

I thought you were the perfect match,
never knew you were a mismatch.

I would have dropped you if I knew you weren’t a good catch.
You freely gave away a next man’s treasure, because of stupid pleasure.

Then you look at me and say you love me,
you stupid liar.

– Daron Chosen Smith

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Download The Jamaican Blogs™ App for your Android device: HERE