One Don Responds to One Dust

Justin wrote to Usain:

Bro I made mistakes for a few days,
You won 100, 200 and in the relays,

Filled with silver, now I’m so pissed,
Even had to fire my old pharmacist,

Once again you took da triple slam,
Running on tha damn country yam,


You know I was just talking smack,
When I said I’d beat you on a track,

My muscles felt that tightening jolt,
Cuz I forgot you’re da lightning Bolt,

Hey in relays we were miles ahead,
I was so fast y’all were left for dead,

Got da baton to Gay soft and sweet,
Ok Little Mike couldn’t take da heat,

But if we were running side by side,
Nope, we wouldn’t get disqualified,

I’m gonna learn some cool tricks,
So by Rio I can run that mule 9.56,

So for now keep thinking you’re #1,
Next year we’ll see who’s the don.




Usain Bolt responds to Justin Gatlin
An Imaginary conversation featuring Usain and Justin 

Usain replied to Justin:

Yow Justin hear weh ah di fus ting,
Mi neva worried since mi mus win,

By di way, mi nuh waa yuh “bro” mi,
Wi nuh frien, yuh nuh really kno mi,

No matta how yuh try fi spin dis,
If mi get baton las yuh cyaa win dis,

Seriously tho ah weh unoo feel like,
Presha buss pipe pon Shorty Mike,

Hush fi di DQ, coulda plead or beg,
You shoulda face mi pon di last leg,

Yuh win di gold medal fi chat flak,
Freeze when yuh si mi touch track,


Cameraman alone kick weh mi foot,
Betta yuh try fi gold inna shot putt,

Yuh coulda cuss til yuh belly buss,
Shoulda try ah ting offa di discus,

One whole year yuh ah beat chest,
Chat, but all yuh win a second best,

ME ah di legend, nutten left fi prove,
So try nuh move or ketch mi groove,

Mi run pass yuh and di earth shake,
Yuh duppy frien talk bout mistake?

Yuh lucky mi nuh run weh yuh rass,
Mi ah Hugo Boss, nuh get mi crass,

Mi nuh tink, mi KNOW mi ah di #1,
Pon dis planet ME AH DI ONE DON.


Usain Di One Don

Rodney S. O. Campbell ©


Please note: This was not an actual conversation between Justin Gatlin and Usain Bolt. 🙂

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Colin Orlando Bennett
7 years ago

Funny stuff 🙂

Lyshann Lecky
7 years ago

This bad, bad! Up, up!!

Althea White
7 years ago


Keith Jones
7 years ago


Ras Kas Davis
7 years ago

Nuff said Gatlin a yeediot,whey him DE now, pon a square dot.z

Arnette Morgan
7 years ago

Hehehehe Love it

Zoya Campbell
7 years ago

This is so fake

Simone A. Daley-Mahabeer

Serious writing/rhyming skills…wickid bad!

Grace Ringrose
7 years ago

Big n the real Don,,,Mr Bolt.

Lisa Diamond
7 years ago

Mad ting… Love it

Sandy Beaches Malcolm
7 years ago

A Juss one Don,it simple n straight forward

Sandy Beaches Malcolm
7 years ago

A Juss one Don,it simple n straight forward

Natalie Amoy McMasters

Very creative I like it. Thanks for sharing

Cee Haych-Ell
7 years ago

Mad ting! Good entertainment. Nice one mate

Tappa Ceo Jones
7 years ago

Hahaha this maaaad

Soroyo Ayres
7 years ago

Really funny good rhyming.

Ken Rick Green
7 years ago

Baddddd 🙂

Kenneil Hoggarth
7 years ago

Mad around me read it a thousand times lol

Elora Pryce
7 years ago

Dis get gold too!!!!!

Empr'zz Lilean
7 years ago

Maaawwwwwdddd tings!!

Alex Peart
7 years ago

That mad