Juliet Cuthbert’s Curse-word Filled Rant Goes Viral (Audio)

An audio clip involving former Olympic 100m and 200m silver medalist Juliet Cuthbert has gone viral.

In the clip, a seemingly frustrated Juliet Cuthbert can be heard hurling a string of curse words at a man she identified as Rohan Howe.

According to a report by the Observer, Cuthbert confirmed that the profane words were indeed uttered from her mouth.

In the conversation Cuthbert is heard saying:

“Let me f***g tell you something, and you can take this back to anybody in the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) ‘cause I am f***g sick and tired of you. Okay? I don’t want to hear from you! I don’t want to f***g hear from you!”

“I asked Shevon to choose a project; he is yet to choose a f***g project, ok? I am the one that told him I would give him paint and cement… to fix up somebody house. Up to now he hasn’t come to me to tell me anything about King Western and what he wants to do,” she added.

“I am sick and tired of yuh b***t! You understand me? I am f***g sick and tired of yuh p***t. What the f**k do you know? I asked Shevon to give me two f***g projects and up to now Shevon nuh come back to me to tell me anything,” ranted Cuthbert.

“I am the one who chose the project and said, ‘Why don’t you paint an old lady’s house’. Okay? That’s what I asked Shevon and Shevon couldn’t come back and tell me nothing. What the f**k do you know?

Cuthbert also told the Observer: “So in the time of heat and when you’re trying to get things done, sometimes we do say things in anger and you know when you look back and you say, ‘You know I possibly should not have said it that way’. Of course I could have done, you know, said it better, I could have said it in a better way and will lay my point across in a better way than using expletives. However, it was a private conversation that I was having with someone and somehow it got to the media”.

Listen to the conversation via The Observer below:

Juliet Cuthbert via wikipedia
Juliet Cuthbert via wikipedia

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