Whose Dreams Are You Chasing?

Growing up many of us were encouraged to either become a doctor or a lawyer.

These professions were always placed high on a pedestal and we were told that these are the jobs we should aim for. Firstly, I always wondered why the people who encouraged me to choose one of these paths were not working in any of these capacities. I grew up as a child filled with questions and I would question my parents about everything.

From a very young age I loved writing and I knew that I wanted to spend my life doing this. My parents on the other hand never encouraged that dream of mine as I was always encouraged to become a lawyer or a doctor. When I listen to children on our primary and preparatory quiz competitions the most popular professions are lawyer and doctor. We neèd to encourage our children to look at other paths. Many of us will not be able to become a lawyer or doctor either because of finances or because we don’t have the intelligence for it. Parents need to realize that everybody isn’t formulated for the same things.

Image via treesister.wordpress.com
Image via treesister.wordpress.com

Parents need to encourage their children to put their all into what they love and in that way they will be happy with the decisions they make in life. We need to encourage our children to not follow what makes money but to follow what will bring them true happiness.


There are many people today who have the best of jobs but aren’t able to find happiness because they simply just fell into what society expects of them rather than doing what brings them joy. Following the wrong dreams can be very unhealthy as we force ourselves to get through these jobs that bring us no satisfaction and it drains us day by day.

Are you following your dreams or have you given up on them and have you decided to put your all into helping others make their dreams a reality? For how long will you continue to put your dreams on the back burner because your family members don’t support it? This is your life, this is your dream and despite the lack of support we have to find support in ourselves.

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