89 Percent of Jamaicans Disapprove of Same Sex Marriage – Study

According to an international study 89 percent of Jamaicans strongly oppose same-sex marriage.

The study was conducted by the Latin American Public Opinion Project (LAPOP) and also found only 2.2 percent of Jamaicans approving.

A previous poll by the Gleaner found that 70 percent of Jamaicans disapproved of same-sex unions.

The study titled, Political Culture of Democracy in Jamaica and in the Americas, 2014 found that only 16 percent of Jamaicans expressed approval for homosexuals running for office in Jamaica. 20.8 percent approved in 2012.


Contrastingly, the study found that 50 percent of Americans endorse same-sex marriage noting that support for such unions are consistently increasing.

The pollsters also found that 82 per cent of Jamaicans did not believe homosexual men were treated unfairly by either the legal system or the police in Jamaica.

According to the polls, 10 per cent said they were treated the same, while eight per cent said they did not know.

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Source: The Gleaner

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