Prime Minister Sparks Online Debate With Her Response About Road Work For Obama’s Visit

The government went the extra mile to ‘spruce up’ areas President Barack Obama was expected to traverse during his stay on the island.

In addition to the removal, of stalls and homeless persons from some areas, major road resurfacing work also took place.

Many Jamaicans have claimed that the roads were fixed solely for the visit form the POTUS.


Amidst the excitement of Mr. Obama’s recent visit, journalists wasted no time to ask the Prime Minister for a response on the road work which was done ahead of the president’s arrival.

This was her response:

“My response would be, when we have our sisters, our mothers, grandmothers, cousins, aunts and uncles coming in, we always clean up our house to greet them”.

Many persons also hastened to voice their opinions of the Prime Minister’s comments on social media. Here are a few:

Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller - Image via Television Jamaica
Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller – Image via Television Jamaica

David Morgan: How about keeping your house clean all the time so if they pop up u don’t need ro worry.

Clifford Walters: I would do and say the same thing Portia say regardless of my academic qualifications, some people who makes sarcastic comments as if they’d do better would have cold feet before the president

Sophieafricanempress Godchild: Nasty

Sincere Griffiths: Suh a only when ppl a come a yuh yaad ur house can clean out? Portia yuh wukless bad……..I’ve travelled to the U.S. before and fi dem house clean right thru the damn year, government in Jamaica are so big copy cats that can’t keep up……only business bout dem self

Anika Borncute Reid: That’s madness a nasty ppl alone wait until visitors coming them clean their house shame on you poorsha.

Camara Aramac Rowe: Most of y’all are hypocrites! No matter what she admits you will crucify her! Some of you stop playing politics. My party cause mi a straight labourite and mi na switch would have done di same thing!

Romane Williams: sigh….anything the woman say its a problem……and if she dont say anything its still a problem kmt……………..i agree with you mama P 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! clean up!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ranar Ranger: Its not easy to lead us Jamaican when most our ppl are very negative, narrow minded n judgemental…this country need more than prayers look at these negative comments, when we all know what the poor lady meant! !!

What are your thoughts regarding the Prime Minister’s comments? Share in the comments below.

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Jishay Smallhorn
5 years ago

A house must be kept in order at all time. Otherwise its a lie….

Jishay Smallhorn
5 years ago

A house must be kept in order at all time. Otherwise its a lie….

Keith Mitchell Sr.
5 years ago

Yes, Camara, call out di hypocrites dem!! Sincere Griffiths, stop talking crap ’bout America house clean right through the year. There are clean places and dirty places in America, please!!!!

Beverley Freckleton
5 years ago

We all know what mama Portia mean . He the president choose our island we must be proud to give him the warm welcome he deserve . Am sure nuff of who here talking give ur man all the meat instead of ur kids. Grow up Jamaican . We live mr president but his visit can be for our future generation to come. Mrs prime minister do ur job . Am proud of u today. Kiss my president for me I love him. May god shine and cover him and my fellow Jamaica so that his visit bring properties to… Read more »

Hugh Rodgers
5 years ago

Kmt!! Yu av more potholes in America than anywhere in the world, so di president use to dem. if him car tyre drop ina one den chances are he could send some money to fix de road dem, but wen u put on a front like everything is ok we won’t get di help we need. When u teeth a hurt u you can’t smile, you must bawl den u will get help

Elaine Edwards
5 years ago

It’s a case of damned if you do and damned if you don’t. The Prime Minister is getting a lot of flack because she cleaned up the place but if she hadn’t she would be getting some serious cuss out because she didn’t spruce up the place for the President’s visit. She can’t win.

Courtney Rowe
5 years ago

We, jamaicans are very optimistic people, most of us think that OBAMA’S visit will make JAMAICA better. But will it? Most likely not. My guess is that OBAMA will ask PORTIA to crack down on the mistreatment of GAYS.

Lawrence Firewall Paige Henry


Tshai Lee
5 years ago

all im going to say is government had the money all along to fix up Jamaica, but only CHOOSE to use when someone they think is more important that their own people is coming to visit. mi just glad seh him come and dem fix up him need fi come more often, im sure they will find more money when him say him want a country tour

Clement Williams
5 years ago

Lot a we jamaican nasty all over kingston just look how some people live and them sey dem no nasty

Beverley Freckleton
5 years ago

I think the prime minister doing a great job. And that how it goes wen u are a leader. U always get bad name. But the country is for us to help to multivate it also. And stop blaming government for everything.sometime is our own next door brother rob us because of greed not the government . We all clean wen friend and family visit and make them special . I congrat u on the mrs Simpson

Diamz Cole
5 years ago

We as Jamaicans fail to understand that the debt we are now facing was created before this country received “independence” we are all paying for a debt we did not contribute to. When our country receives loans from the IMF they tell govt what they can do with the money. So its not as if Portia is sitting on a load of cash and not doing anything to better off the country. She did a good job in welcoming the President. We as Jamaicans criticize too much and are not literate as to what is really going on. First impression… Read more »