The Vision 2030 Fantasy

I remember when I did community service in my second year of studies at the University of Technology.

I was introduced to the whole fantasy of vision 2030 and what we as Jamaicans can supposedly look forward to. In recent times I have come to the conclusion that this fantasy that has been created in the minds of some of Jamaicans will forever be nothing more than a fantasy.

For instance with an ever increasing crime rate,unemployment increasing and children being abused and killed who will really be around to supposedly enjoy this fantasy Jamaica that is being complied in some of our minds. When one of the young leaders of our country can stand up and say that it is best if the young minds of our nation migrate and seek employment elsewhere it suggests to me that perhaps our leaders are creating this fantasy of vision 2030 to enjoy for themselves.

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In how many decision makings are we as lay men and women incorporated in? They take what they please from us and leave us dry walking and begging for bread after bleeding our pockets dry. Our leaders would rather sit and argue over trivial matters or about who has bad mouthed them rather than speak of the death of the youngest members of our nation or the ever increasing unemployment rate. Perhaps I should once again remind our leaders that the most important resources of a country are indeed its people .


Jamaica’s troubles are centered around the corrupted leaders we have and poverty due to lack of opportunities. For years we as young people were encouraged to continue to educate ourselves and in the end the country will benefit from the knowledge that we have garnered in the classroom. Instead of stepping out into the world to share the knowledge we are enclosed in the rooms of our houses to simply reflect on our educational journey or cry about the ever mounting debts that have to be paid after embarking on this journey that was suppose to change our lives for the better.

If the head is shaky in due time the body will fall beneath it. The heads of our nation lack vision and instead of allowing the bright young minds that walk amongst them the opportunity to step up and show what they can do they sit and carve their bodies in the parliament chairs as if they will take them with them to their graves. What more do you believe you can offer? Times are changing around us while our country continues to have the same old faces feebly standing up to represent us.

Is the vision 2030 designed for our leaders or for the citizens? Because if it is designed for the leaders it seems more attainable then as they live a fairy tale life every single day as they are covered by their body guards and rest their heads on their plush pillows.

The only people who view vision 2030 as a fairy tale are those who will never see the happy ever after, the average citizens of Jamaica.

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Emancia Outerbridge
8 years ago

Very sad indeed.

David Andrew Thomas
8 years ago

I think back to my days when I left high school. The fact is many of my classmates are now economically way ahead of me. Is the problem with our politicians and employers or is it in ourselves?

Max Wilson
8 years ago

You see how negative we jamaicans are ,it says vision 2030 ,and we start to fail it in 2015.,Can we get any more negative,,not to mention that we have made minor strive but all we do is sing on the negative.

Laverne Delvaqio
8 years ago

I agree wholeheartedly with this article. I can relate and know a large number of persons who can relate and this has nothing to do with negativity. Jamaica is not heading in a good direction. If we were are going to be successful we need to change our mindset we really have no vision. Has any one of you ever listen to the national anthem. We have a guide and we refuse to use it. If we fail to plan we better plan to fail. I am not buying into the 2030 vision. Its a unicorn.