The Story of a People Lost Because of Ignorance

During my younger days, Jamaica was a place of AWE, DREAMS, and ENCHANTMENT.

Now all I see is CHAOS, CONFUSION, DISENCHANTMENT, and people who are so politically affiliated that they prefer to see the country go to hell instead of stand together as ONE, and demand better from those whom they have placed at the helm to LEAD.

Every single day we hear the horror stories of how much the lack of DECENT HEALTH CARE is affecting fellow Jamaicans.

We see the rise in murders, we see our schools going to HELL, where teachers are afraid of STUDENTS and it is the ‘BAD MAN’ and ‘BAD WOMAN’ that run things.


We raise our voices and make noise for people like, GULLY BOP and others who make a MOCKERY of our music and culture and DISRESPECT WOMEN.

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And yet on social media, one of the biggest instruments to elicit change, many choose to spend their time glorifying POLITICIANS, making IDIOTIC MEME’s, cussing each other, over the very same POLITICIANS who are not doing squat for them! 

See the ignorance and illiteracy?

It is AMAZING that these people have so much power to make a POSITIVE CHANGE, yet they are so POLITICALLY SICK that they have no CLUE.

Here they are fighting each other, when amazingly if they stood together they could successfully combat many injustices.

Common sense dictates that at this point both the JLP and the PNP have FAILED the people of JAMAICA.

Many wish to think that having a new leader will take Jamaica to the “PROMISED LAND”.


Forget about asking how they will get there. This is the kind of blind faith that people put in politicians. 

Yet at the end of the day we will blame the white man, forgetting that the white man gave us our freedom as we are always boasting that WE ARE INDEPENDENT.

We are independent but our money has no VALUE. Independent but our HOSPITALS are hell holes. Independent but our Minister of Health has no clue. Independent but our Prime Minister lacks regard for the people. Independent but the opposition leader’s voice is LOUDEST when he wants to remain leader of the party.

Despite this, there are many persons who worship at both their feet.

How sad is that? We are a people it seems bound to SUFFER because of MENTAL SLAVERY and LACK of CRITICAL THINKING.

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Download The Jamaican Blogs™ App for your Android device: HERE

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