The ills of Jamaican Politics and Social Media

It is really sad when as JAMAICANS we cannot discuss POLITICS without going into the gutter.

To see the words used to describe fellow JAMAICANS by those who worship political parties speaks volumes about us as a people. 

From memes depicting the PRIME MINISTER as a VULTURE, to fellow JAMAICANS being called ANIMALS and NAZI’s.

There are even pictures depicting fellow Jamaicans as FECES. 


When I see grown men and women stoop low enough to SLANDER, MALIGN, and DISRESPECT each other because of DIFFERENCES in OPINIONS it tells me we have a long way to go.

The sad thing is the same POLITICIANS that we are fighting and killing each other over are FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES. and could really care less about those of us on the LOWER SPECTRUM.

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As a people we are making a mockery of our motto, anthem, and everything that should make us PROUD JAMAICANS.

At the end of the day the rest of the world is looking on and saying to themselves are people really this DARK AND ILLITERATE in 2015?

I am saddened to see what we have become all in the name of POLITICS.

It is truly a sad situation when we cannot call each other JAMAICANS, but resort to using derogatory terms just to score POLITICAL POINTS.

Acting like trash in defense of any POLITICAL PARTY makes zero sense. 


Social media is open to the WORLD, and believe me the WORLD is looking in.

Make no mistake, those who choose to WALLOW IN THE GUTTER are not doing their party any favors, just showing that they cannot argue INTELLIGENTLY and rise above the NASTINESS.

It is a sad sate of affairs.

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