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Featured – Keeping the love alive with top-up

The sun was beating down in Kingston on the day Janice and Leroy first met. It was 2012 when they were introduced by a mutual family friend and Janice recalls “it was love at first sight”.

Spending anytime apart was difficult for the couple so when Leroy had to pack his bags to move to Philadelphia Janice was distraught. Janice remained in Jamaica but was lost without him. “This was one of the lowest points of my life,” she says. “I was incredibly lonely without Leroy. Imagine finding the love of your life and then having to live a part.”

Shortly after the pair separated Leroy discovered ding*, an international mobile top-up company. He began sending credit to Janice’s mobile phone back in Jamaica. The top-up gets delivered from Philadelphia to Jamaica within seconds and allows the pair to stay in regular contact with calls, SMS and video calls with Janice using the credit for data.

ding“Living apart is never easy, but with the power of communication we are able keep our relationship alive.” Janice says.  Until Leroy’s next visit to Jamaica the couple stay connected with ding* spending up to two hours a day talking to each other.


Leroy and Janice’s story is not unique. There are currently 2.5 million Jamaicans living abroad, with many, like Leroy, living in the United States, followed by the UK and Canada. For these Jamaicans living apart from their friends and family can be difficult. But nothing shortens the distance like a working mobile phone – and that’s where ding* comes in.

Do you know someone in Jamacia that needs credit?  It’s simple!

Go to

Add the number and operator of the Jamaican phone you want to top-up

Chose the amount and pay on the safest top-up site on the planet

Get 50% off your first top-up when you use Promo Code: dingjamaica

ding*, the safest, speediest and simplest top-up on the planet


Need your phone topped-up? – Ask your loved ones to send you ding* top-up!

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Download The Jamaican Blogs™ App for your Android device: HERE

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