Dominoes Fridays

DOMINOES FRIDAYS, depicts the very well known dominoes game being enjoyed by a group of men on a Friday evening. The domino game is still a very common and well-loved game, played by both men and women, but more common to men. It must be said that this is not a silent game. It is loud and vociferous, with much slamming of dominoes against the table when winning matches are found. 
One can often see domino games being played in bars or on the outside/sidewalk of bars throughout the country. If you want to see a game in action, a most likely way for you to find one is by visiting a bar. Domino games are lots of fun, very invigorating, and no video game can outdo dominoes in developing mental alacrity. A domino game can be very dramatic and suspense filled, too. This artwork shows a suspense-filled instance…All players are silent, tense, watching the board/table trying to plan the next best hand to play. Even the ladies in the background have been drawn in by the silent watch. Who’s going to kill everybody else’s hand by slamming that double, and ending it all? The win, causes such jubilation that one would think the winner had won a billion dollar lottery draw. The win, also often goes with playful mockery of the losers, and self-adulation of the winner. Catch a game when you can. It’s great fun. 

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