Some Nasty Ways Chik V can Affect the body that You Haven’t Heard About

“Once you have Chik V you are never the same” is a saying that is being heard more frequently each day across Jamaica.

In fact most Jamaicans have now been impacted by the dreadful ‘Chikun-gunman’ in one way or another though it appears less people are contracting the virus.

Many people are not aware of the vast amount of ways Chikungunya can negatively affect the body even after the initial symptoms have dissipated.

Numerous persons who have already been through the initial phase of the illness are returning to doctor’s offices across the island with a wide array of symptoms associated with Chik V.


Knowledge of the hallmark symptoms such as fever, rash and joint pains is widespread but there are several other nasty ways this sinister virus can affect us; some of which can seriously affect one’s quality of life for a very long time or even lead to death.

Chikungunya at the microscopic Level - Image Source:
Chikungunya at the microscopic Level – Image Source:

Here are a few:

It can seriously affect your eyes or even lead to blindness

Eye problems due to Chikungunya are varied. Problems may involve the conjunctiva, the iris, the anterior and posterior chambers of the eyes, the retina and even the optic nerve (the main nerve supply of the eye). A person may even go blind.

It can affect your blood, brain and nervous system

Chikungunya may affect the meninges or coverings of the brain, the spinal cord, the brain itself, and the nerves. Some disorders of common knowledge would be seizures, nerve pain, and altered mental condition of the patient. As for blood complications, bleeding can occur under the conjunctiva of the eyes, nose- and gum. 

We have seen numerous complaints in various forums online from Jamaicans and other persons in the Caribbean suffering from neurological complications after contracting Chik V.


It can seriously affect the heart and blood vessels

Some conditions seen in Chikungunya would be myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle), pericarditis (inflammation of the heart covering or the pericardium), heart failure, irregular heart beats, and abnormal blood flow. 

Disorders of blood vessels like Raynaud’s phenomenon can occur.

  • Raynaud’s phenomenon is a condition where there is decreased blood flow to the hands and feet in response to cold or emotional stress.

The Jamaican Blogs™ has also been informed by doctors that the virus appears to be affecting the immune systems of many individuals making them more susceptible to bacteria and viruses. Additionally it is known to exacerbate pre-existing conditions such as Diabetes and Heart Disease.

If you have contracted Chikungunya please let us know of any strange changes you have noticed in the comments.

Source: wikiHow

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