Toy Guns resembling Real Weapons seized by Police

Several toy guns that mimic the look of real weapons have been seized by police in the parish of Trelawny.

According to the Observer, the police yesterday displayed a large number of toy guns seized from a store in the town of Falmouth and pointed to the danger of them being used to commit crimes, especially at night.

According to Superintendent Campbell, the police will be conducting operations in other stores in the Falmouth area as they will not allow the sale of toy guns, firecrackers or any other goods that are restricted by Customs.

He said that the toy guns could be used by criminals to stage robberies and other illegal activities due to their close resemblance to real weapons.


“We are concerned that if, by any chance, these uncustomed goods get into the hands of the wrong persons there could be lots of problems as they relate to criminal activities,” Superintendent Campbell said.

“Because they bear the resemblance of a firearm, and especially if they are used at nights in robberies, break-ins, etcetera, certainly the victim would not hesitate to give in, or the fear factor as it relates to the commission of the offence could not be contemplated in any different way than to believe that they are being held at gunpoint,” he argued.

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Source: Jamaica Observer

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