Soaring High! – Jamaican woman pilots one of the world’s most advanced aircraft!

In a profession dominated my men, a lady from our tiny island has achieved a feat that is sure to evoke envy in the hearts of many who work in the aviation industry.

She currently pilots one of the world’s most impressive aircraft – the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The 787 Dreamliner is Boeing’s most advanced airplane and purchasing one will set you back by a cool USD $250 million.

According to United Hemispheres, First Officer Deon Byrne has made the unusual her standard for her entire life, especially in her career choice: She has flown for United for nine years, in a profession where she doesn’t see many who look like her.

“There are not a lot of women that I know of doing this,” Byrne says. “When I used to fly commuters, because I have a younger-looking face than my age, I got comments like, ‘God help us.’ But nowadays, people feel proud.”


At the tender age of 13, Byrne, the daughter of a single mother, moved to  New York. “I was into school and studying, and I was the outcast.”

She explains the movie Top Gun and a chance encounter with Air Force recruiters motivated her. “I was pre-med at St. John’s University in New York. While I was at the career fair recruiting events every spring, I would ask the Air Force recruiters, ‘Is there any way I can be a doctor and fly? And they told me ‘no’ every time.’”

787 pilot Deon Byrne – Image Source:

She studied for a semester at American University of Rome, then finished college early, with medical school, flying and travel still in her sights. She took a job as a flight attendant to pay for flying school. “The company I worked for did a lot of charters for other airlines and U.S. military. Whenever there was a hot spot in the world, that carrier would either transport troops or transport refugees. I flew around the world twice by the age of 21 or 22. It was a pretty neat experience.”

Throughout her career, proving herself has helped Byrne overcome skepticism and has opened doors, including earning a berth flying United’s newest metal, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. “I was one of the first all-female 787 flight crews,” she says. “It’s one of the most high-tech airplanes, and we were flying it. I had beaucoup customers who were very glad to see us. We did a great job.”

Flying the 787 is her dream assignment. “It brings a smile to my face every time I step into that cockpit,” she says. “And customers are excited. People will cut through Houston just to ride on the 787. It’s one of the fastest airplanes out there. We cruise really high. Someone takes off before us, and we’ll pass them over the Atlantic. I love this airplane.”

Isn’t it a truly awesome feeling to see Jamaicans achieve big things? Share your thoughts.

Source: United Hemispheres Magazine


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Marlene Siwel
8 years ago

A lots of Jamaican out there are doing so Good ,I am really proud of you,you let me feel so proud to call myself a Jamaican… you go my bro/ Sis,sons/ daughters big up yourself,we little but we tallawah…

Claudette White
8 years ago

Heart full of pride for your accomplishments. Continue to shatter the glass ceilings and stereotypes wherever you go. God bless and keep you. Great ambassador for Jamaica.

Moses Walters
8 years ago

Very proud of you

Lyndon Allen
8 years ago

Jamaican Woman Pilot Flying Boeing 787 Dreamliner Plane. One of the World`s most advanced Aircraft.

Carvel Wallace
8 years ago

This is great news, big up my sista

Nandy Beckford
8 years ago

It’s glad to c Jamaica n’s excelling nt only in sport r music but also in other feilds proud to b a Jamaica big up

Rudyard Dwight Simons
8 years ago

I feel so great when I hear stories like this

Jodea Jojo Jacobs
8 years ago

So proud of u and all your accomplishments … Proud Jamaican

Maxine Blake
8 years ago

Jamaican are the best

Dave Clarke
8 years ago

Does she left left seat in the 787? No matter, I am So very proud of her. Jamaica, too, has many really good pilots. Go United! Go Deon Byrne!

Maximillian Angel
8 years ago

Who says nothing good comes from jamaica. I heard a Grenadian woman says that . We’ll prove her wrong.We r the best at anything.

Dawnnett Duhaney
8 years ago

I’m extremely proud to be a JAMAICAN. I live in the USA n I proudly display my heritage in my car. There are two things i would never change being BLACK n JAMAICAN. Keep up the good work guys. You make ne proud to be Jamaican…. What about the men????

Elroy Whyte
8 years ago

Very impressive.. I love it! I may have to take a flight in that dreamliner 🙂

Jermaine Murray
8 years ago

When I see stuff like these it make me feel proud to be a jamaican

Ernie Beswick
8 years ago

We are all proud of you , the bad things are always printed first.

Pete Graham
8 years ago

i would love to fly with you

Anthony Parchment
8 years ago

Way to go coworkers, you are top of the line, Top Gun.

Unlikely Alloy
8 years ago

See I love stories like this… Been a woman is no excuse!

Antoni Grey
8 years ago

Jamaican women are the most sophisticated, talented and beautiful in the world. Proud of my little island

Raymond Malow
8 years ago

This just simply means that we are the greatest…….we can achieve whatever it is that we put our minds to ……well done my Jamaican sister.

Miller Dor
8 years ago

So very proud of you

Charmine Durrant
8 years ago

If we are bad we sore high, if we are good the sore higher and highest, God bless Jamaica land we love , we have it in all category , go girl

Trevor McPherson
8 years ago

I am very proud of my little sisters sky is the limit

Gilda Hendricks Somers

A very wonderful awesome feeling, to see Jamaicans elevated, especially women. Gone are the days when a woman,’s place was strictly in the home. Continue to aspire to greatness Deon Bryne and all women . Proud of u.

Dave Clarke
8 years ago

A Jamaican man once told me that Jamaicans are the smartest people in the world. Many people misunderstood what he said, that is, he was not advocating slavery, he was saying that Jamaicans are the smartest people because their superior gene pool.

Kleopatra Smith
8 years ago

Yes.. yes.. yes.. awesome my Sister!!

Nicola James
8 years ago

As a small nation we excel at everything we set our heart an mind on

Owen Lindsay
8 years ago

great job miss byrne so proud of you and love to fly with you one day

Colin Brown
8 years ago

uplifting a country that is place in third world category, sweet!!!

Doreen Richards
8 years ago

Wow that’s overwhelmed is so happy and proud of her my prayers are with you.

Donald Guthrie
8 years ago

We can do good things when we put our mind set on it excellent am really proud of her

David East
8 years ago

Good job miss byrne good job

Allislandbee Farmers
8 years ago

Yea! Such great accomplishments should serve to convince especially our youth that “sky is the limit”. But inherent in that should be a realization that what it really takes is personal ambition and yeoman-like effort…not mere “waggonism”…

Toni Lewis
8 years ago

This like a breath of fresh air….I am beside myself glee…what a remarkable young woman….!!
Soooo very proud of you young lady…..great role model for the up and coming ambitious Jamaicans….!
BRAVO…BRAVO….BRAVO….I say as I raise my glass to you Miss Bryne
The Almighty guide and protect you always….x

Elva Duncan
8 years ago

Jamaica,,Jamaica!!. Keep holding your head up high,and run for the stars. .

Seymour Barclay
8 years ago

Great work

Clevette Wallace-Hayes

Ha ha ! There’s always something good about my country exept crime .dont forget pur once air ja have one of the world’s best flight record and the best pilot .#proudjamaican.

Kerissa Christie
8 years ago

Humbly Proud….may God richly bless you

Edward Heath
8 years ago

We Jamaican can do anything we put our mind to, more love to those who done it

Donovan Earl Crawford
8 years ago

Despite our size what really matters is our desire, ambition and fortitude to soar to great heights and establish distinctive characteristics which automatically bring global or international admiration and recognition. Sadly, some of our leaders establish and pursue paths with destructive consequences to ambitious minds. They should be trained to commend rather than condemn and ‘come along’, rather than ‘come at’. Honesty, integrity and Justice should be the critical bases for leadership and mankind. Heartiest congrats to the lady, and may she continue to soar and compete with the Eagles. Finally, God’s richest blessings always.

Veronica Christie
8 years ago

As the saying goes “The Sky Is the Limit” Go Sista, You have made Jamaica Proud!!!!

Julette Smith
8 years ago

You’re an inspiration to all young girls. We Jamaicans are very proud of you.

Cynthia Black
8 years ago

i’m very proud of this lady’s story, and it shows that what ever you tell yourself that you want to achieve in life you can get it. If you ask God to be in control and with hard work and perseverance you’ll get to the finish line. I hope a lot of us who are doubting ourselves will learn something from your story.

Rootsman Sound
8 years ago

Jamaican, theres nothing we cant do..a proud and talented bunch

Lotoya Jones
8 years ago

Wow amazing congrats

Kenrick Davis
8 years ago

This is just fantastic!!

Claudette Finegan
8 years ago

Jamaicans are full of vision. Our anthem comes alive all the time. Give us vision lest we perish, knowledge send us Heavenly Father, Grant true wisdom from above. Yes Jamaicans, we can stand tall and make our writer proud. Whatever we ask of God, that He will grant. We ask for wisdom, knowledge and vision, here we have them. Big up all Jamaicans, we are proud.

Fitzathor Miller
8 years ago

I am so proud of you my Jamaican sister

Elaine Plummer
8 years ago

Great inspiration for the younger generation of our Jamaica Island .
Blessed Island . One Love ❤️❤️

Dennis Wright
8 years ago

Another addition to our long line of accomplishments and first . I am truly proud of this young lady’s accomplishments it shows when you are focus on your goals , work hard ,and believe in yourself , the sky is the limit . (no pun intended) Keeping on soaring my sister