American tourist paints horrific picture of Jamaican jail in online blog

An American visitor has given a horrifying description of a Jamaican jail where her husband was detained following his arrest at the Sangster International airport for possession of ammunition.

The woman, Kristie and her husband, Stephen are now both home following their visit to the island.

In her post Kristie describes the terrible ordeal her husband experienced for “unknowingly possessing ammunition”.

According to her post, she and her husband  had just celebrated their 25th anniversary in Jamaica. While departing the island, the the couple was confronted by an airport screener  who discovered a hidden shot gun shell at the bottom of their swim bag.

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They had no idea it had been there all week, said Kristie, because they had been through numerous airport security checkpoints several times on their way to the Caribbean.

She elaborated on the condition of the jail which temporarily housed her husband. 

She described it as  “a sweltering, dingy and nearly windowless jail cell where he was stripped of his wallet, cell phone and other personal belongings. Alongside four obscure inmates, he was tossed a change of clothing he used as a pillow and a small toothbrush.”
The jail house was deafening and it was impossible to sleep with shouts and threats. The bathroom was unclean,had of a hole in the ground and a strong smell of human waste. Even fist fights were ongoing from surrounding holding pens, she claimed.

In the early mornings, guards extended her husband a single piece of dry, white bread and a paper cup of pink Koolaid. They offered him porridge but demanded payment for the service bowl even though Stephen’s wallet had been confiscated. He had nothing to barter with and quickly discovered that he was unable to buy porridge or toilet paper or a bath towel.

Following the advice of the US Embassy, Krisite spent $US 3000 to hire a prominent Jamaican lawyer who managed to get the matter resolved speedily.

Stephen spent three days in jail.

Despite the resolution, Kristie said she is still concerned about those left behind “growing desperate in deplorable conditions”.


Does she have much to complain about? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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