The Mirror

Look in the mirror,

What do you see?

Are you satisfied?

Does it make you happy?


What do you wish?

To see some other?

Looking back at you

Waiting to discover.

Is it the colour?

poemsThe hue of your skin?

The flare of your nose?


The curve of your chin?

What? Do you wish?

You had long straight hair?

Down your back when you sit,

Touching the chair?

The brown of your iris

Like the bark of trees

Or you’d prefer some tint of green

Like the colour of leaves?


Or perhaps a shade of blue

Like the colour of the skies

Or something in between

For the colour of your eyes?

Those curves of your body

The outline, of your face

The contour of your lips,

Now, that’s an ace

The slant of your eyes,

The curl in your hair,


Is just what it should be,

You were well prepared.

When the next time comes,

And you look at yourself

Don’t ever, ever wish,

You were somebody else.


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