Inmate found dead in cell at Glengoffe Police Station

According to a report by Irie FM, the Inspectorate of Constabulary and the Independent Commission of Investigations (Indecom) have launched investigations into the death of Dudley Warren.

Warren was found dead in his cell at the Glengoffe Police Station in St. Catherine yesterday morning (October 4).  He was a resident of the Above Rocks district in the parish.

Reports are that sometime after 9 a.m. Warren was found in an unconscious state during a routine cell check.

He was removed from the cell and pronounced dead at the Linstead Hospital.


Warren, who was being treated for a mental illness was taken into custody in May 2014 and was charged with sexual related offences.

prisoner dies in lock up Glengoffe Police Station
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He was remanded by the court and a psychiatric evaluation ordered, which indicated that he was deemed unfit to plea.

He was taken to court on Monday, September 29, where his medical condition was expressed by the police.

Warren was granted bail with surety and was scheduled to return to court on Wednesday, October 8.

The police high command, in expressing regret at the passing of Warren, states that the force remains steadfast in its commitment to prisoners in their custody, and will continue to enforce force policies and procedures in this regard.

Source: Irie FM

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