The Cure for Badmind

Bad mind is a treacherous emotion because the very thing  the hater dislikes you for is the same commodity or convenience he wants for himself.

The hater initially wished you success because he believes you will never achieve much.
It’s like your neighbor who demonstrates happiness for you because you are building a house, then withdraws from you because your house is now bigger than his or your car is more expensive than his.

Your neighbor initially wishes you success because he believes that you will never surpass his level… He prefers your success to be beneath him.

Successful but not as successful as him . We must learn to support successful people instead of seeing their achievement as an indictment of our own inadequacies. Instead of becoming “bad mind” we must use the triumph of others as a testimony to the dominance of the human spirit and a clue as to how we can go about becoming better versions of ourselves. 

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Bad Mind people were not taught as children to feel good about themselves and embrace their uniqueness.

They probably had parents who were never happy about their own lives.

Parents who regarded the success of others as an indictment of their own inadequacy.

Parents who beat them up their entire childhood without once congratulating them on small feats. They developed low self esteem and people with low self esteem can never be happy about the success of others. 

If Bad mind people gave credit when it is due to the accomplishments of others then they would have no excuses for their own failures.

I won’t deny that the accomplishment of others often forces you to take a step back and reassess your life but if you spend your compete existence concentrating on how far ahead people are that you come in contact with, you are bound to miss some big opportunities to improve yourself. 

Bad mind people will go out of the way to subvert your trials and undermine your endeavors.


Just imagine if they would invest the same amount of time and tenacity into their own development then maybe they would not feel so terrible about themselves. 

Books by Crystal Evans - Every man deserves a good jacketTo support successful people and others charting the way to higher achievement is to pay homage to the dominance of the human spirit. It is believing that we are essentially what we believe ourselves to be. It is knowing that regardless of our circumstances we are all
Striving to be a better version of ourselves.” 

― Crystal EvansThe Country Gyal Journal Quotes by Crystal Evans

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Crystal Evans

Crystal Evans was born in Westmoreland Jamaica. She is the author of several books centered on her experiences growing up in rural Jamaica and the Jamaican cultural nucleus. She is a voracious reader.

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8 years ago

I was not born in Jamaica but have met many Jamaicans in Jamaica and USA ( I farm in Jamaica )and it seem like because I am a white man everyone try to scam me even for a dollar. No matter how much I give to them it is never enough. And the honest friends I do have in Jamaica have to fight a war against those who tell them they should not be so honest and just with the white man. Bad mind is a big social problem for many. They put down someone just to big up them… Read more »