Not even Death can Narrow Jamaica’s Political Divide

As a Jamaican I am deeply ashamed.

Ashamed to know that as a people we are so politically divided that not even DEATH can stem the raw venom of POLITICAL AFFILIATIONS.

I have seen the death of Roger Clarke being used as POLITICAL fodder for many to gain POLITICAL POINTS.

I have seen the vitriol leveled at the family of Mario Deane because of choices they have made as to how they are handling the situation of their loved one.


Whatever Roger Clarke might have done in his life time has died with him. The least we can do is to be RESPECTFUL of his family and friends and let them have their moment to mourn.

The family of Mario Deane has the right to make whatever decisions they have decided to make without any kind of VENOM or INNUENDOS being spewed at them by people who have no clue.

The loss of a loved one is never an easy thing for any one to bear, and at this time of bereavement BOTH FAMILIES are deserving of all the love and support that they can get.

As it relates to Mr. Clarke, he was HUMAN like all of us. Show me a human being who has not made a mistake. NONE of us are perfect and we all have our own demons to deal with.

devoted party followers in Jamaica JLP vs PNP
Left – Mario Deane || Right – Roger Clarke

More than any other time, this is a time when as a people we should be holding hands together in grieving for Mario Deane and all the countless others who have suffered in like manner, and we all should be saying NO MORE,but we have become divided on this critical ISSUE because of POLITICS. How long will we continue to be this way?

I suggest we all put aside our POLITICAL AFFILIATIONS and find a way to bridge this gap that has divided us for so long.

I suggest that both the leader of the Opposition and the Prime Minister send a message to all Jamaicans to let them know that this HATRED and ANIMOSITY among us is not right, and will only further lead to the downfall of Jamaica and Jamaicans.


Both the JLP and the PNP are responsible for where we are today, and when not even the issue of DEATH does nothing to soften our hearts, or give us a reason to show EMPATHY, it sends a clear message that we are LOST.

When the sister of Mario Deane has to make a statement to JUSTIFY the day that her brother’s funeral is being held, and has to speak out in defense of herself and her family, it sends a message that as a people we still have along way to go, because NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO DO THAT, especially under the circumstances in which her brother died.

I say to her Sadiki Deane, continue to hold your head high, your brother would be proud.

To the family of Mr. Clarke I say, hold your memories of him deep within your hearts, YOU KNEW HIM BEST.

To the others I say, DEATH IS PROMISED TO ALL OF US, what memories will you leave behind when your day comes?

May they both REST IN PEACE and may both families be comforted.

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