Venezuelan man who passed out over US$100,000 to be deported from Jamaica

According to a report by Irie FM, a Venezuelan man who attempted to smuggle millions of dollars out of the country via pellets he swallowed, was sentenced yesterday(August 14).

The police say the man excreted pellets which contained about US $103,500.

The money has now gone into the coffers of government.

40 year old Eddy Ortega is also to be deported.


A statement from the Financial Investigation Division (FID) says yesterday’s sentencing, marks the successful completion of an investigation brought before the Montego Bay RM Court under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

The FID says the matter began on January 20, when Ortega was stopped by officers from Transnational Crime and Narcotics Division, as he attempted to board a Caribbean Airlines flight from Sangster International Venezuelan man smuggle money from Jamaica deported 100,000Airport in Montego Bay, bound for Trinidad.

During routine security checks, his behaviour arose the suspicion of the law enforcers and he reportedly complained of not feeling well.

Ortega was taken to hospital where he was admitted. It was later discovered that he had ingested several pellets containing cash.

The FID says over a two day period, Ortega excreted 80 cylindrical plastic packages which, when opened were found to contain approximately US $1,200 each.

A total of US $103,500 was recovered. 

At the conclusion of the investigation Ortega was charged with four breaches of the Proceeds of Crime Act and placed before the courts.


Today in the Montego Bay Resident Magistrates Court, RM Carolin Tie, sentenced Ortega to three months imprisonment.

The court also ordered that the money be forfeited under the cash seizure provisions of the Proceeds of Crime Act.

A deportation order was granted with immediate effect, since Ortega had been in custody for eight months.

Source: Irie FM

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Meanwhile, Chief Technical Director at FID Justin Felice says this is the first instance that they found cash being smuggled from Jamaica in such a fashion, and this is indicative of how far persons will go in an effort to evade detection.

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