Jamaican Proverbs

Jamaican Proverbs

1. “Every bess friend have a bess friend”

Every best friend has another best friend.

2.  “When lie teck  plane and gone, truth a walk a come.”

For every lie that is quickly spread, the truth takes a long time to reveal itself.


3. “Me a ram goat.”

When the goat is under great stress, the hair covers        everything from the naked eye.

4.  “When puss belly full, him sey rat belly bitter.”

A cat with a full stomach has not need to eat a rodent.

5.  “If you hang clothes pon line, u no haffi look fi rain.”

If you haven’t troubled anyone, then no one can look for you.

6. “Dawg a sweat but long hair kibba it!”


If you know how to handle stress, no one will know about.


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