25-yr-old Jamaican doctor earns prestigious fellowship to Israeli University!

25 year old Jamaican doctor Peter Nelson geniusIt is always heartwarming to see Jamaicans achieve great things.

Peter Nelson is a 25 year old St Thomas native who has already earned the right to the title “Doctor” and seems poised to continue to do great things.

The young man already holds a bachelor of science, an MPhil and a PhD in chemistry from the University of the West Indies (UWI).

In August this year, Dr Nelson will add another landmark achievement to his name, as he will take up one of five post-doctoral fellowships at Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, having been selected from 280 applicants from around the world for the coveted position.


“It was very competitive to get into this institute because they told me they had 280 applications for the five positions and so it was really tough on them to decide, but one of the things that helped me to get in was the papers I published in international journals,” Dr Nelson told the Jamaica Observer.

Dr Nelson completed the MPhil and PhD at UWI in three-and-a-half years, although the maximum time for a full-time candidate to finish is five years and seven years for part-time.


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